Customer Reviews

  • Smooth and Warm!!

    by Chuck
    Unlike the competition this unit does not BANG the low transients too hard. The compression is smooth, warm, and can encompass the sound in a smooth and EVEN state, keeping the transients at an equally compressed level instead of ducking out and ruining the signal with uneven pounding. This plug-in will crush the signal beautifully and evenly if you so desire it to. It's a real winner in my arsenal of plug-ins.
  • Sbs compressor

    by Paulkit
    nice plugin, easy to set up but sounds good, clean.
  • Love it

    by CLNyc
    I've been crunching music with the API compressor in my board for years. This plugin feels and sound great. API builds an amazing bus compressor. I'm surprised more folks don't use one.
  • Great product

    by MS
    I like to keep the number of comps in my kit low, as in no more than five premium choices max. This one definitely makes the cut.
  • Compare to Original

    by Massivebeatzz on Youtube
    well, there are always differences to "teh original" analog hardware. But guess what - my API 2500 in the LEgacy + API console - well it changes sound too.....It sounds different now than it did 5 years ago - so I don't get hung up with exact comparisons....nothing is equal anyways - who cares. This is great. Large , super hi-def interface, analog warmth, oversampling to avoid aliasing... the workflow is like the original. Don't hesitate, this is quality!
  • On the next master!

    by JMCX
    This is gonna be a favorite. Heard great things about the API 2500 for both mixing and as a mastering comp. On the master, it seems as warm as the Shadow Hills Red (and possibly warmer?!) but it doesn't shave off the highs as much. That's a double positive to me!!
  • Magic on drums!

    by Alfred
    Wow, what a sound on drums! At last a compressor that handles the John Bonham sound as it was on the records! I love this compressor, a lot of possibilities and easy to use!
  • Amazing sound

    by Ryan Richko
    I got to say, this is a great emulation of one of my favorite compressors. I own the hardware Api 2500+, and this plugin is VERY close to the unit. The hardware has the classic 5% better due to having a tad more depth, clarity, and stereo width, but it's barely noticeable and I doubt most people can even hear a difference.
    Wonderful job. I picked this up to have more instances to go alongside my hardware. It will also be perfect when I have to do mobile mixes and can't bring any hardware with me. Thank you for this gem!
    I hope you're doing an Api 5500 mastering EQ next ;)
  • API like Compressor

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Right off the bat, this plugin looks amazing, and has the typical sound of the API buss compressor, now I have 4 or 5 buss compressors, each with their special flavor, thank you very much PA.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy your new tool!