Customer Reviews

  • The Mäagic Touch

    by Fred
    I'm truly an idiot for waiting so long to pick this up. This is one of the most musical EQs I've ever heard and it's magic on anything it touches.
    Vocals are unreal, guitars are pristine, but what this does for snares is unlike any other EQ I have. SO GOOD!!
  • eq4

    by Bd lieutenant
    i remember hearing the buzz, seeing reviews etc can it be that nice?....
    Honestly it is, a heavyweight champ.
    got it on sale or discounted, real quality, excellent resource to have, which is why it's in alot of processing chains.
    at the very least, get the trial
  • EQ4 review

    by mitseuler
    EQ4 is straightforward, easy to use, it delivers that extra "touch" on vocals, drums, etc. I occasionally use it on my master bus to shift things a bit or maybe add some air in a "dull" mix. You simply dial in the freq and it responds. The initial price of $229 is very high for the purpose it serves but I managed to buy it with a great discount. I strongly recommend it - in the right price or if you can afford the initial price.
  • Maag EQ4

    by BaDbOb
    This plugin is amazing! It has simple become my favorite eq plugin. The "Air band" gave my vocals be great sheen without being harsh. I dont't see why i would want to pay hardware when PA a creating hands down perfection!
  • Maagnificent!!

    by 77Stratman
    Excellent plugin which I use mostly for vocals/voxs..Definitely adds that magic air and ambience. Also, very versatile for instruments too!
  • EQ4

    by timirjan@yandex
    I have long wanted to buy this plugin! The comments are superfluous!
  • Maagic

    by moodZoo
    This EQ is maagic on everything!!
    Especially vocals, but especially vocals.
    air... sheen... angelic slap in the face; this EQ has it all.
  • Maag EQ 4 is a fabulous plugin.

    by Geraldo Estrela
    Maag EQ 4 is a fabulous plugin that every mixing technician needs to have it in their arsenal of plugins to make high-level audio mixing.
  • Maag EQ4

    by Alex
    The Maag eq4 is such a fantastic EQ. It works great on everything. But I love it the most on vocals. It instantly makes vocal tracks pop in a mix. Set the air band to 40k and boost a few dB to give vox clarity, and then add a few dB of the sub band to add depth. So good!
  • MAAG Eq4

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Often you are working with a sound that just needs that elusive something and you are not sure what that something is? Well this is that something! The mysterious air band definitely does that elusive something and breathes life into pretty much everything you put it on.