Customer Reviews

  • Best we evr

    by Angel Cano The Producer
    Very nice and powerful eq, I just love it!!
  • Maag EQ4

    by Dave DK
    The Air band gave my vocal treatment a whole new dimension. The other frequencies sound very warm and musical too. Very well designed and easy to use plugin.
  • Maaq Audio EQ-4 Equalizer

    by DYR Photography / CDM Music
    A Quality EQ from the Brainworx Plugin Alliance long list of Professional Grade Audio Plug-ins.
    The Maaq EQ delivers exactly as intended. The GUI is as bright and colorful as the sound it delivers! It makes a tremendous difference to boosting vox within a heavy mix and allows for subtle nuances to shine through.
    Adding "air" provides the necessary color to achieving top end, without artifact. The amount you add brings out the shine.
    Having so many bands to adjust, it allows for every style of vocalist that comes up in front of the mic.
    It's a must for every vocal track in your Mix.
    Try it out in DEMO. It's worth the money, and a steal when PA puts it on sale.
  • EQ4

    by B.I.G. Music s.a.s.
    This is a fantastic equalizer! It is perfect for vocals and choirs. The air band is the Top!
  • Maag4

    by Kam Denny (Denzal Park, Modern Citizens, HiFi Charlie, Vandalism)
    I love this Eq! Instant tone from warm to sweet and of course that magic air that hovers over the top of a mix.
    Not not only a go to for vocals, its a powerful tool for anything needing to shimmer and shine.
  • Maag EQ4

    by EK
    Top class plugin. You can't go wrong.
  • This does something different

    by Antiphones
    I have many great EQs, but I have to say EQ4 does add something uniquely useful to my tool box. You do have to be especially careful to keep adjusting the volume on this one so its equal loudness when when you A/B bypass it. This is because the bands interact and you get larger than normal volume changes when you adjust them. But this EQ has a unique, smooth and beautiful quality to it. Yes the air band is fantastic, but actually all the bands sound great. I find the 2.5 great for bringing out and defining a mid range instrument or voice. No other EQ I've heard can do this in the same way.

    by MR F

    Sometimes it is amazing how love comes at first glance. Me and my EQ4. True love :-) More than 25000 hours in studio and i am still fascinated with some EQ plugin? Yes , Magic air on anything, vocals, drum buss, master.... Great sub control and 650 HZ on bass? Yea that's it. I use it almost on every channel in the mix. In combination with other Plugin Alliance compressor plugins EQ4 becomes a beast.
    Grat work guys ! THX 4 that..
    Igor Fabris aka MR F
  • Forward vocals

    by Scott6
    I was skeptical of this plugin. It's a far reach for most people including myself to hear 20k and above. But, the "air" this plugin generates pushes the vocal slightly in front of the track in a 3 dimensional way. Hit bypass and it jumps back a notch. It's subtle, but noticeable. Killer.
  • EQ4

    by MKSuccess
    One of my favorite vocal garnishes.