Customer Reviews

  • MAAG Eq4

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Often you are working with a sound that just needs that elusive something and you are not sure what that something is? Well this is that something! The mysterious air band definitely does that elusive something and breathes life into pretty much everything you put it on.
  • MAAG EQ4

    by LouisC
    I own the UAD Maag and was looking for a zero latency quick - clean - musical EQ for tracking that would work across a wide range of instrumentation without pulling me completely into mix mode. The Maag EQ4 from Plugin Alliance not only fitted the bill but is now implemented across my templates to GREAT effect.
    The AIR band is not to overlooked. As I track I can lift critical instruments out of the mix to give great focus in the headphones without rebalancing the overall setup. The EQ itself is not flat when inserted. The very gentle lifts of half a db that the EQ exhibits are most welcome - when people say this EQ is musical ... they mean it. It is.
  • Maag EQ4

    by Robbie
    For some time I thought „no way I’m buying this, why would I need another EQ plugin?”. But this little plugin kept showing up in various articles, interviews with top engineers, reviews. I demoed it and couldn’t believe how amazing it is. First reason to get it: it’s an instant and beautifully intuitive to use sound fixer from bass through vocals to the mix buss.
    It’s not a regular EQ - you don’t have to worry about phase issues when dialling higher values!
    There is literally no track in my usually 30+ track sessions that wouldn’t instantly benefit from EQ4. And even when it’s on every track, group and mix buss, it sounds beautiful, open, fat and punchy. And it’s CPU’s BFF.
    The only thing you need to be careful about is the amount of the Air mode. It works REALLY great, amazingly never sounds harsh, but it’s addictive and if you pile up Air mode on many tracks and mix buss it can be simply too bright and eat your mids. But hey, it’s the only caution here, just demo this little genius and you’ll never want to live without it. For real - after I bought it from Plugin Alliance I’m buying 10 hardware units of Maag EQ4 for my API AXS console.
    Get it and smile:)
  • Excellente

    by Jandrade
    Simple and precise!
  • Best

    by Vagelis
    Thee eq maag very easy and straightforward to use, frequencies that come quickly and thoroughly clean the ear
    one of the tools that is certainly in need of the engineer from the mix.
  • Maag EQ4 = Beautiful

    by Ete Kurttekin
    That Air band... That Sub band... The character that eq has. Put it on vocals, kick, keys, master bus... You'll see why people love this beauty.
    Need something to stand out a bit? And in a musical way, without sounding harsh? Load up one instance of Maag EQ4 and just fiddle with the pots. You'll love EVERY setting.
  • Powerful Tone Shaper

    by Mader
    The Maag EQ4 is a phenomenally powerful tone shaping tool. Offering the ability to add character, punch and presence to any source material. Has become a favourite for vocal, mix and drum busses.
  • Maag Eq4

    by Buntfink
    this eq works perfectly for me on snare and vocals. also the sound of the air is really great and won't get harsh any time soon ;)
    160+40 gives your snare a really nice body if needed
  • Maag eq

    by Gary leroy
    Just an incredible eq, the air band 40k is just amazing to put this extra air on your leads or Percs.
    I use it in almost all my channels.
  • Maag Audio EQ4

    by Ebro
    This thing IS An AUDIO Tool, I'm pushing it everywhere, maybe too much butt still... like no other , yesss