Customer Reviews

  • Maag EQ4

    by Nordoph
    Excellent! Definitely a great plugin! 100% a must have one!
  • Maag Audio EQ4

    by Sergey
    Very good plug-in! It seems to me that there is no need for exaggerated compliments, because it is clear to everyone that the plug-in works 100%, it works very clean at high frequencies, makes the sound light and airy.
  • Maag EQ4

    by Scott L Wilson
    After testing the EQ4 on 3 mixes for The Relentless Broadcast's new record "Revolution", I have come to some conclusions about it.
    Most importantly, it sort of reminds me of a 3 band API 560 (with a "Top Boost" of course). Although primarily using EQ4 to enhance vocals with the Air band without increasing level drastically, the EQ4 latched on to some key fundamental frequencies that awoke the vocal in pleasing ways. I adjusted the channel fader accordingly and was surprised how well the vocal worked within the track. 2.5K was great for this.
    Of course, the Air band at 20k or 40k are amazing at creating a sweet but not harsh halo around the vocal that makes this plug in well worth the price. Better still, without adding any distortion to the track like other enhancement plugins typically do! EQ4 is way more that a one trick pony!!!
  • Great for mastering EQ use.

    by He-in
    I used to be a hardware product when I worked in Mastering Studio based on Sonic Solution in the past, but it seems to be better. Strongly recommended ~
  • Best air band

    This plugin perfect i use my all record.. Guitar, drums, vocal and more.. i think air band perfect for Vocal mixing.. i love it.. if you buy this plugin will be glad:) best regards from to istanbul..
  • maag plugin

    by David L
    Very clean and crisp, I add pure air on my reverb buss , it is great for vocals It ads sheen, for overheads makes the cymbals sparkle, love this plugin.
  • subtle but vital

    by dhla
    I'll start by saying what (for me at least) the Maag EQ4 is not: it's not a serious editing tool. It's not going to make any problem frequencies magically resolve. The promo material and other reviews already emphasize that this isn't a surgical EQ, but even beyond that, I very rarely find myself dialing in drastic settings.
    So what this is, is a fantastic tool for changing good into great. A few minor changes with this EQ can be the difference between a stubborn sound taking up too much room, and a smooth fit. I make most of my music ITB, and I find that I get a lively presence on tracks with this EQ. Again, it rarely goes more than a few dB in either direction, and the change is subtle but vital - especially when it's on multiple tracks.
    Most reviews focus on the Air Band - and it's a great tool! In fact, it's probably the exception to the "subtlety" rule, as it can impart a nice sparkle without getting too harsh. But it's selling the EQ4 short to focus solely on that - it's ideal for shaping and smoothing at all its bands.
    The only feature I'd like to see would be automatic level compensation. Even small changes can change the overall gain considerably, and while the included trim control makes it easy enough to try and match levels, it'd be easier to have that process automated.
  • EQ4

    by Studio14
    One of the most useful Equalizers in the business.
  • The Mäagic Touch

    by Fred
    I'm truly an idiot for waiting so long to pick this up. This is one of the most musical EQs I've ever heard and it's magic on anything it touches.
    Vocals are unreal, guitars are pristine, but what this does for snares is unlike any other EQ I have. SO GOOD!!
  • eq4

    by Bd lieutenant
    i remember hearing the buzz, seeing reviews etc can it be that nice?....
    Honestly it is, a heavyweight champ.
    got it on sale or discounted, real quality, excellent resource to have, which is why it's in alot of processing chains.
    at the very least, get the trial