Customer Reviews

  • Mäag Magic

    by Tim
    Its probably all been said about this plugin - the serious air it imparts, the simple yet powerful bands it controls. Very effective with little tweaking. Would probably prefer a bigger GUI but the sound is the thing.
  • Super

    by PAT
    Rajoute la clarté de la voie qu on a besoin dans un mix et améliore la réverbération.
  • Incredible

    by DCJ
    This EQ has found its way into all of my mixing sessions! It’s wild how good it sounds!
  • Maag EQ4

    by Bonebones
    All about the air band, hard to get to sound band. Think octaves below and you are away. Brilliant emulation of an indispensable hardware unit.
  • Maag Eq4

    by Sushihiro
    A must have. Bring life everytime i need it. Cannot mix without
  • I love it!

    by SrC
    Unbelievable EQ! I have both the EQ2 and EQ4, they both behave slightly different from each other, but this EQ4 can easily be the go to EQ to put that extra little sparkle on any track!
  • Maag Audio EQ4

    by Verdi
    Really small but excellent tool to eq vocals. Strongly recommended.
  • Mash EQ 4

    by Paul_N_Ator
    Very power & pristine eq. Very clean & very easy to use. Really helps bring out the shine & spark in vocals.
  • Airrrrrrrr

    by Fai
    I've found myself reaching for this plug in more and more often since if gotten it a month ago. The Air knob alone does wonders for the lead vocals. The Frequencies the EQ boosts / cuts at sound amazing. Great plug in!
  • Maag EQ4

    by Grem
    Love this on vocals. Add just the right amount to a vocal for that airy feel! Just makes all vocals stand out. Great on background vocals with a touch of reverb!! And it's not just the 'Airy" sound that works well on this EQ, all the filters are excellent and compliment the vocal range very well. Try it on clean guitar too!!