Customer Reviews

  • Use your ears compressor

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I like the colors, that's a good starter. The blue compression led isn't a success for me. Even with a retina display you barely see it. About the sound, I can't use it on every genre, style music. The EQ and the soft clipper is a nice addition, if you u use this compressor more in a live situation. I have this compressor for instance in an online radio processing chain in Gig Performer, with a bx_opto as AGC. Works very good. But like the other reviewers told, the GUI can be better. It's a compressor which you have to use your ears for, maybe that's the reason there are no markings on the knobs.
  • Air band rocks. GUI could use a couple tweaks.

    by JJ
    The tiny blue-on-blue threshold indicator can be difficult to see. And with small knobs, the cursor often ends up covering the numerical value that pops up underneath when adjusting down. Not super necessary since the knobs adjust in 0.5 increments, but upper left corner of a knob would be better. Other than that, a sweet and versatile comp/eq.
  • Magnum-K is the best!

    I'v been using this plugin on my drum buss and it's amazing the tone and character you can get from this compressor. The air band is amazing to bring out the shine on any mix too!
  • I like it but...

    by Saturn Voyager
    I find this channel strip useful for almost everything, less for compression, and of the most curious thing they said to sell it is its compression capabilities "the new Nirvana Compression. It has no even numbers on its attack and release knob. Anyway, this has TMT emulation and it might have it's own "taste". So, that's why I use it on my buses, even with its big bottom frequencies phase bad stuff.
  • Nice so far

    GUI is a tad small but hopefully PA will add scaling to all the Maags. Obviously what matters is the sound and I like the sound of this plugin: compressor is good and top end air Q is great,
  • Great Compressor but Gain Staging Needs Improvement!

    by Qluster
    This sounds great, especially when used on the mix buss. I tend to struggle making use for it on single instruments or less busy busses though unfortunately as the input gain staging feels a bit off to me. In order to get a few dBs of gain reduction, you have to increase the input gain quite a fair bit and you lose clarity. Also this in return makes you end up with a louder compressed signal as there's no output trim either. I think, like others, addressing this issue will make this one a top plugin.
  • Mäag compressor

    by Kale
    Holy freakin cows this thing is a mister, I love it.. VERY effective on drums and instruments, even vocals
  • Killer comp

    by Psysword
    This is my secret weapon on drums, vocals, and mastering. You cant go wrong with this puppy. The power and ease of the air added, and the EQ, are simply amazing. I love this compressor and the only downside is that its not size adjustable and too small for my widescreen. Bah! Otherwise a worthy addition to my arsenal.
  • Fantastic-sounding plugin with dated GUI/control issues.

    by In-Stereo
    This is a common issue for Plugin Alliance that completely baffles me: A wonderful sounding plugin that stays stuck in the past with some of its GUI and feature set.
    The good: The Magnum-K is a beautiful-sounding compressor with lots of tweaking ability and unique features. When I first got it I wasn't impressed but once I started to delve into it, it turned out to be a unique compressor among the multitude that I already own. I love its sound, truly. Punchy and flexible, especially with the EQ options.
    The bad: PA insists on limiting the use of its plugins in ways that should not be Iimited in the modern plugin world.
    Firstly, you can't see values of things like attack and release. For film scoring to song production we often need to be able to time attack and release to tempo, or at the very least SEE what we're doing in addition to hearing. The fact that you can't in the analog world is irrelevant.
    Secondly, you can't get good compression amounts without increasing the input gain controls, which can compromise the sound and add clipping. This needs to be changed, without a single doubt. VERY often I want compression without overloading or pushing the input, and I should be able to get that like I can in all other compressor plugins I won. The gain staging is off here.
    Thirdly, you can't enter values, which afflicts many of PA's plugins. I don't care that you can't do that on analog gear, its irrelevant -- we're on DAWs on need to be able to do that. PA has added some great features to original hardware, so they should take that further in all of their plugins in these ways.
  • Amazing!

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Honestly I had no expectations from this plugin, at a previous and fast listening it seemed to me that it sounded rather thin, instead it is a real game changer, a unexpected surprise!