Customer Reviews

  • Great tool!

    by Medialica
    It is a unique tool in my plug-in arsenal: easy to setup, wonderful sound, precise control. The 2.5kHz compressor is extremely useful and it's very simple to de-harsh a sound. The AIR band is always an "openness" winner. I also like to dial the right parallel processing I want. Recommended!!!
  • Magnum-K

    by Cogbeatz
    The Maagic Magnum-K is A It's one of those plugins you just insert on a track, tweak a bunch of knobs and're in heaven. The K Comp wipes off all the harshness, making my mixes sound a whole lot smoother + the M/S and TMT features makes the whole plugin A BEAST ON STEROIDS! Great work PA!
  • Maag Magnum-K

    by Gary Regnier
    Fantastic concept and excellent Bx additions. This really is an essential tool for every engineer. Great for vocals but equally at home for pretty much any compression jobs you can throw at it
  • Magnum-K

    by timirjan@yandex
    Hello! I love your plug-ins! I feel with PA comfortably!
  • Vst

    by Krusty
    Nice top end i loved
  • Magg

    by Megatracks
    Never thought this would show up as a plugin!! Man! Is this thing a beast, all I can say is we are loving it!! Thank y’all
  • Great Emulation

    by A Hoover
    This plugin is awesome. Sounds like analog. Slap it on anything, vocals, stems buss, master buss, doesn't matter. You can dial in the sound you want. The numerous presets offer a great starting point if you need that. Highly recommend this one.
  • Magnum-K

    by Peter Duemmler
    It sounds great! But the gain staging is almost unusable, the compressor needs a lower threshold or the plugin needs an output trim. As it is now one has to run it so hot to get some gain reduction going via its input level that unity output is not possible as there's no level cut at the output. Please fix that and it's one hell of a plugin compressor!
  • Love it!

    by Teka
    This one is a really solid beast! Works great in my master chain!
  • Maag Magnum

    by Kay
    Fat... Fatter.... Da Fattest