Customer Reviews

  • Magg

    by Megatracks
    Never thought this would show up as a plugin!! Man! Is this thing a beast, all I can say is we are loving it!! Thank y’all
  • Great Emulation

    by A Hoover
    This plugin is awesome. Sounds like analog. Slap it on anything, vocals, stems buss, master buss, doesn't matter. You can dial in the sound you want. The numerous presets offer a great starting point if you need that. Highly recommend this one.
  • Magnum-K

    by Peter Duemmler
    It sounds great! But the gain staging is almost unusable, the compressor needs a lower threshold or the plugin needs an output trim. As it is now one has to run it so hot to get some gain reduction going via its input level that unity output is not possible as there's no level cut at the output. Please fix that and it's one hell of a plugin compressor!
  • Love it!

    by Teka
    This one is a really solid beast! Works great in my master chain!
  • Maag Magnum

    by Kay
    Fat... Fatter.... Da Fattest
  • workhorse

    by Mchangani
    I really use this comp and all its features, it compliments my spl passeq, millenia nseq2, dangerous bax eq and BX Townhouse on my master buss. I also use it on my drum and bass bus.The K Comp feature is really nice when used sparingly, my vocal buss has been saved! Goodbye to harshness and muddiness. I love how all sections work, mono maker and stereo widener are excellent.
    The feedback or feed forward options define precision in the magnum comp, Parallel eq is a life saver and now I can add weight and air on my buses without piling up plugins.
    This is a great and versatile plugin, its in all my mixes since I bought it.
    No hype needed it works and you just need to know what you want then dial it in!

    by saffs
    Amazing!! Try this on acoustic guitars. Amazing mix solver, adds control and placing in with some widening in the mix is so useful. Fantastic as a fishing compressor on vocals too. Phenomenal work Brainworx.
  • Audio Nirvana

    by Aabacab Records
    Audio Nirvana, Sonic Control like never before, WOW! Why hasn’t someone thought of this Before? Being able to control the absolute value of compression is Genius! Add in stellar EQ and Thank You, Cliff Maag. There is nothing like this. Buy it, you won’t be sorry.
    Sanford, Aabacab Records.
  • Just when you thought you had enough compressors...

    by Protoculture
    Just when you thought you had enough compressors from Plugin Alliance... they go release this. This is really unique as far as compressors go. The K Comp focused compressor does a great job of smoothing out the mid range, and the parallel EQ section in conjunction with the compressor works wonders on bass. The possibility of bypassing the compressors and having 20 channels of TMT air band EQ is also pretty great. 5 stars!
  • Fantastic plugin

    by Edward Selberie
    I just bought this plugin with my PA voucher. As always, there is no need to demo plugin-alliance plugins (in my case). I just buy them because they sound excellent and I do trust PA very much.
    I put this plugin on the mixbus of session where I have a lot of finished songs (both from me and other great engineers). I was really impressed with what I was hearing. This is a very good sounding plugin that can be used on individual channels, groups or even on the mixbus. The fact that the EQ is parallel, make it sound very clean and transparent compared with putting a separate compressor and EQ on the mixbus. I like to way the compressor deal with peaks and the input ATTN and input gain work fantastic together to manage the audio going into the compressor. MAAG is popular for its EQ so there is no need to describe how good it sounds.
    Just one remark, the knobs are very small. I do have the slate Raven and it is very difficult to control the small knobs with my fingers. I do need to use the mouse with this plugin.
    Thanks plugins-alliance / maag audio, excellent product!