Customer Reviews

  • the hig end is but one of its tools

    by PMT Studio
    I had to do some HD (192000hz32fb) to do and the top end was so clean when I added Magnum-K the AirBand was so evident it seems to revive and disclose its effects in an undeniable fashion
  • Magnum-K

    by Alfredo
    Nice sound, multiples and usefull options, I love it, and I use it very often. A great plugin if you want something transparent and with character
  • Gamechanger

    by Ted Clayton
    The Mäag Audio MAGNUM-K compressor is a tool that I see myself using in practically every mix moving forward. The level of control and character this plugin has is unparallel. Compression is amazingly powerful and transparent - not to mention the K COMP section providing a unique deesser. Also, the signature AIR BAND™ brings clarity to any mix that cannot be compared to any other EQ. Ideal applications would be drums, vocals, and mastering.
  • Magnum-K

    by MrB
    Great,great and great, so good tool in any situation
  • One of the best

    by BBB Man
    I rarely review these things, but I had been wanting for a pair of the hardware version since they came out. When I demo'd this, I bought it that day. I have racks of very nice outboard, and since getting this a few months ago now, I find myself using it (mostly mix buss / mastering) over great hardware I have sitting 2 feet away from me. It has that wonderful balance of warmth, clarity, with just the right amount of saturation that adds some texture and excitement. Just engaging the EQ section, with no boost can add some wonderful weight and / or sparkle (much like the EQ4). It's also often my preference next to the UAD SSL or API models, and it seems to play so well with other things in my signal path. Often some plugins show their weakness when feeding into other things down-stream, getting either muddy or edgy. (Although also good, the UAD API 2500 can be dangerous that way.) This one seems to be less susceptible to that kind of thing.
    I do offer some quibbles that would've put this unit over the top (not worth deducting a star though!)
    1. I would've loved to have seen fine resolution available for the Soft Limiter Threshold control. It's digital! Why not allow fine control there?? The steps are too coarse most times, and I end up just not using it on mix buss. Drums maybe. You can adjust the Headroom control, but that changes the response of the whole unit, making you have to reset all your controls. Not ideal.
    2. I love that they added a GR meter at the bottom. It would've been nice if that was switchable to view GR for the K Comp as well, or if there was a 2nd GR meter for that. The little flashing light doesn't tell us much.
    3. Fine control for "BX Section." Again, why limit these to coarse steps?? You don't do that in other plugins. Most of the time, these work fine, but especially the Stereo Width control is much nicer with fine adjustment, as it can be easy to go too far.
    This was one of my favorite plugins in the past year, easy. Also great on vocals, bass, instrument busses. Whatever.
    And... AND... Thanks for the DSP version! We HDX folks still appreciate that.
    That's all from me. Enjoy.
  • Simple Clarity

    by Jweyerbacher
    I like placing the Magnum-K on busses. It helps to glue multiple instruments and vocals together with subtle compression. The EQ can be used to add weight and/ or air when needed. The other features like TMT channels, mono maker, stereo spread also come in handy. I'd recommend this plugin.
  • Maag Audio = good

    by cabanasbeats
    This is a huge plugin!! Cpu heavy but is so great for crafting your sounds. Having Airband is always good. I also own Maag Eq2 & Maag Eq4
  • Great tool!

    by Medialica
    It is a unique tool in my plug-in arsenal: easy to setup, wonderful sound, precise control. The 2.5kHz compressor is extremely useful and it's very simple to de-harsh a sound. The AIR band is always an "openness" winner. I also like to dial the right parallel processing I want. Recommended!!!
  • Magnum-K

    by Cogbeatz
    The Maagic Magnum-K is A It's one of those plugins you just insert on a track, tweak a bunch of knobs and're in heaven. The K Comp wipes off all the harshness, making my mixes sound a whole lot smoother + the M/S and TMT features makes the whole plugin A BEAST ON STEROIDS! Great work PA!
  • Maag Magnum-K

    by Gary Regnier
    Fantastic concept and excellent Bx additions. This really is an essential tool for every engineer. Great for vocals but equally at home for pretty much any compression jobs you can throw at it