Customer Reviews

  • Bueno

    by SC
    Muy bueno pero deberían cambiar el tamaño que es muy grande
  • Just the coolest

    by Deciphered Audio
    I never Mix without it, On vocals or any other sounds the needs a bit of squeeze to shine through in the mix
  • El mejor 1176

    by Darwin Manzi
    Es el mejor 1176 que he tenido en una sesión de mezcla. Este púrpura se ha convertido en mi compresor 1176 principal.! Solo faltaría un notos de tamaño de gui y listo. Es perfecto.
  • Feedback

    by Pavlos
    Dear Plugin Alliance, MC77 is the best 1176 style I've used so far.
    Please please please make a resize button :))

    The first thing I asked myself when I used it for the first time was "Why I haven't tried this earlier?". Man, this is a very good 1176 emu. Great on vocals, drums, bass, you name it!

    This plugin makes you feel the punch in the mix, amazing work Purple Audio.
  • MC77

    by pierrebruynooghe
    I love the MC77. This is one of the best emulations of the 1176
  • Al nivel del uad

    by Pablo Fiore
    Está a la altura del uad, incluso me pasa a veces que me gusta más, ya depende lo que se busque, pero me encanta el redondeo y el peso que le añade a la señal, un sonido grueso muy hermoso, suena a hardware, la mayoría de las emulaciónes se le llega a sentir el efecto digital, eso aquí es totalmente inexistente al igual que en el de uad, es una belleza total, lo elegiría siempre y no siento que está por debajo del original uad, lo veo a la misma altura con unas ligeras diferencias en el color, pero esa diferencia también es excelente!! De los mejores 1176 por lejos
  • Purple power

    by Bangu BW
    Truly one of the best emulations out there. Sounds really close to the hardware. The BX TMT is the bonus it needed especially when I use multiple instances. Sounds good on everything you put through it
  • Criminally Overlooked

    by spiritvegetable
    I had comes across a few engineers who endorsed this plugin over the years but never really paid it much attention. What do I need another 1176 style compressor for especially when I have the UAD collection? Boy was I wrong. I had a bass track that I was struggling to get the right snap/punch with and both the trad 1176 and Distressor weren't popping as much as I wanted. I bought the MC77 on a whim, knowing that it had a slight hi fi punchier edge to it, and it brought that bass track home for me. The variable hi pass, TMT, and parallel mix options gave me the ability to squeeze that little bit extra out of my track even at 12 ratio where the others sounded restricted. If your other 1176 style compressors aren't taking you far enough and you need that extra 10%, then this unit is the ticket. From now on I'll be reaching for this one first. It's versatile and it sounds big!