Customer Reviews

  • What a nice compressor

    by Frode Obelix Martinsen
    This is simply one of the best 1176 emulations out there. And not just that, you get twenty pieces of it. The TMT iis just amazing, those slight differences just make it more fun to use it on several tracks. Nice big interfaces on the plugins that makes it easy since i have a touch screen to just grab the controls and start tweaking. Nice job PA, im looking forward to more plugins.
  • As Good As It Can Get, But Probably Better

    by Tory Grey Music
    I've owned a couple of hardware 1176 recreations and although they are great, fast compressors, they are just that.... compressors. Purple Audio must've gotten it right if PA had chosen their recreation to emulate and I believe it! I demoed Purple Audio MC77 and it sounds miraculous. It too, is also a great compressor, but it's much more! The tone and character is beyond wonderful. Never a dull moment when this things gets slapped on. Can use on a bus, individual tracks or even break it in on a mastering chain. It just sounds great! Nice job, Dirk and Team!
  • Purple HEY!!!

    by Mr Gubbins
    Like most people (or most people who might read this anyway) I have a few 1176-type plugins - CLA, Arturia, Lindell's 1176-ish comp, and of course Bomb Factory. So I tested this purple beauty with an extreme sidechaining scenario to see if it was any different. It is. Ooooh... very very nice.
    Not convinced about the Mega sub thing yet but that's another issue. (I mainly mention that to draw attention to the fact that I have the MC77 as part of the bundle, not at full new-release price. At least I have it for 364 more days :)
  • You can almost smell the grapes

    by Dynaline Mastering
    Finally, a software compressor that checks every damn box. This is going to be a huge hit.
    So versatile, tone in seconds, dirt for days, and some of the juiciest action I've ever heard.
    Thank you and all of the team for working so hard. Amazing release.