Customer Reviews

  • In a class of its own

    by Ettienne Lane
    I compared the MC77 plugin to a hardware 1176 from one of these cloud services and the MC77 plugin sounded way better in my opinion.
    It does something magical on kick and bass. If you slam the kick with the 4, 8 and 12 ratio buttons in (slow attack, fast release), the MC77 makes it sound full and pleasant in a way unachievable with EQ alone.
    It also keeps vocals upfront and present, better than any of my other compressor plugins.
  • Amazing Compressor!!!

    by ZM1111
    I have to say, after trying a few different 1176 emulators, this one is the best hands down. For whatever reason, Purple Audio is able to capture a warmth and overall fullness that other compressor plugins that I've used are unable to capture. Definitely a must have imo!
  • Snappy

    by Aud10Keb
    This is good snappy compressor that you can also use as an interesting distortion unit. It has an excellent range of control and the extra add-ons at the bottom really help you dial in the exact snap you want. I make electronic music, so I want my compression to be aggressive and tight with a hint of distortion and this is perfect for that.
  • Amazing limiting amplifier!

    by Studio Mixing & Mastering
    In all my 6 years of sound engineering, I have used a lot of different emulations of the legendary 1176 Limiting Amplifier and this MC77 as well. From Avid, Waves, IK TR5 and the Universal Audio themselves, but this one is an absolute beast. I have been using it on all drum buses, bass buses and, of course, on vocals. The irreplacable instrument!
    The best Limiting Amplifier I have ever used. Period.
  • Need a musical compressor? Here it is!

    by Der Heine
    This compressor is created for unique Sounddesign. Specially for Drumloops or Lead Sounds it will be a great weapon:-) Very musical!
  • Just buy it

    by Dark7string
    I've heard over the years from several local Nashville Engineers that the Purple audio version of the 1176 was better than any other including the real 1176. It's one of those units where you simply cannot "Un-hear" the tone and incredible results. This Plugin does a wonderful job of capturing what this unit offers and has replaced ALL my other versions I used of the 1176 plugins.
    Just buy it
  • Super-useful

    by honkeur
    Finally, an 1176 plugin that works !
    Very good features: parallel mix control (crucial), mono-izer for low frequencies, side chain eq, M/S capability.
    The sound you've enjoyed on a million records.
  • good sounds

    by shingo
  • On it's way to be the NEW Classic

    by Tamer Fouda (Natura Viva, Dear Deer, Krafted Underground)
    I've had the chance to shootout the MC77 outboard gear with the plugin in a blind-test and believe me I couldn't even figure out which one is which!! Absolutely top tier plugin and one of the best emulations here. All it really needs is a scalable UI button. Great job PA!
  • x

    by aj