Customer Reviews

  • x

    by aj
  • Go to compressor

    by Arto K.
    My main compressor, works like a charm even in extreme settings, easy, fast and very simple to use.
  • lots of extra options...

    by JB
    ...compared to, say,the CLA 76 which i have come to prefer over this one. sometimes simpler is best.
  • mc77

    by ger
    es excelente ,el mejor 1176 que he probado y con mas características que te llevan a un audio único
  • Monster

    by Felipe Grüber
    This bad boy is a monster! I use it on vocals and sometimes for drums parallel comp and never fails. Lov it!
  • The Ultimate 1176 Plugin

    by Tony
    It sounds great and it's IMO the most versatile 1176 plugin; it's got mid-side / left-right modes, various ratio settings + channel to channel variations, which is more than a general 1176 plugin.
  • Purple sound

    by BluelagoonStudios
    if a signal just to need a breakdown, there is where this plugin comes in. It's not only useful in a mix, it's also a good alternative for Internet radios, only a dyn EQ, the Bettermaker EQ, two instances from the purple, and a soft clipper, and you're good to go.
  • Purple

    by Mark M Thompson
    Very big, very purple, sounds great and very grateful for the mix knob otherwise this would just be stomping the crap out of everything it gets put on. Not a subtle one.
  • Finally found my favourite!

    by Mr Fiyah
    I really dig this one and I have been testing a lot of other that claim to do the same job but this is really good, very happy with my purchase.
  • Supercompressor

    by Great!
    Depois deste plugin a experiência de compressão nunca mais é a mesma. Muito punch, cor e peso! Eu adorei!