Customer Reviews

  • It's really make me smile

    by Jorge Araujo
    I am very happy with what I am hearing. Without a doubt the best 1176 plugin today. And when I remember I can use 20 channels in my mixes, with subtle differences, it makes it more exciting.
  • MC77

    by Starfucher
    I tried and bought every single 1176 emulation on the market. Now many of this plugins are useless for me. You want a 1176 comp sound like, buy this, is the best!
  • drum magic

    by Mchangani
    Love it on my drums, great plugin.
  • Cool!!

    by grandcanyon
    Very similar to hardware.
    Best 1176 simulator plug-in ever I tried.
  • Clarity, Punch & Depth

    by Goldenchild / WM
    Man.. this compressor is awesome the amount of clarity and polish you get from it is just amazing. Very transparent and upfront plug you can compress it hard and still get a great sound. It gives punch to my kicks, snares even the bass. It saturates the sound in a pleasing way. Plugin Alliance / Brainworx how are you guy's able to code those plugins soo.. well. To me it sounds like a high end hardware compressor. Like I always say thank you for those wonderful tools, we are living is great times peoples take advantage of Plugin Alliance offerings. Now time to cook-up another Hit song :)
  • cool.. but need updates

    by dr.sound
    "Needs an update, it generates weird random sweep noises at the end of compression sometimes. Sound quality is amazing but that makes me not want to use it."
    I agree with the user "mario"
    I have already reported this to the technical department, but apparently it seems to them that it is not a priority (I am very disappointed)...
  • Удивительный

    by Павел Чернышов
    Удивительный на синтезаторах для техно!
  • SO many options, and WHAT A SOUND!

    by JesusReigns
    The width, the chunk, the glue, OH!!! It truly sounds like a hardware compressor. No exaggeration. It has an analog vibe for real. Just try the Summing Comp preset on any digital plugin. DO IT, and try to not smile! God bless!
  • BAM

    by Andrew
    Throw out all your other 1176 plugins, this is all you're going to need from here on in.
    It's so easy to use and you get the result straight away. I don't muck around with this one much, just set the input and ratio and you're away. It's how it should be with this sort of compression, and the tone is absolutely spot on.
    Another great hit for PA.
  • Simply the best

    by Cyrille Cassier
    Many emulations are on the market; this 1176 is simply the best MC77 emulationfrom purple audio. Bravo to the whole team!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!