Customer Reviews

  • the best

    by arkemist
    best vst in the world
  • Mastering Compressor

    by mvh
    This plugin found it’s spot on my master bus and works wonders. Thanks Plug-in Alliance.
  • Shadow Hills Compressor

    by Barry Hufker
    I have been knocked out by this plugin (which I just acquired today). I enjoy its sound and versatility. As I went through a recent project, comparing the various existing compressor plugins to the Shadow Hill, in every instance I replaced what was there.
    What I had already in the project were well-known "usual suspects". Replacing them, I got a cleaner, punchier sound. In just a few minutes I was able to develop a much better sounding mix. I didn't know I would be so delighted when I made this purchase.
    My one criticism is that Shadow Hill plugin presets don't show up in every audio program I use. While this is annoying, ultimately it is no problem because I use presets only as a starting point and the Shadow Hills is easy to set on its own.
  • Brutal

    by FrankPérez
    I used It in the Jo Rhomeo´s new single, called "Never Let Go" ( Coming Soon). It gave me a rounded sound with a little compression, with both: Optical and discrete. I love it. With Elysia Alpha compressor, together, I got a incredible control and quality in my master. 5 STAR Plugin. Well Done!! Congratulations!!
  • Beautiful

    by MuratColak
    Has Immediately become one of my favorite mastering compressors. Sounds really good not only on the 2bus but vocal bus, strings bus, drums and even on single tracks. Great emulation!
    A couple cons are the texts are very small (for my eyes anyway) and the metering can get a little confusing.
  • Shadow Hills

    by CDTC
    Beautiful compressor
  • Tame the untamable

    by P. Mues
    I bought this plugin a few weeks ago at just 39.99. I haven't used it that much yet as I bought it to widen my color palette. A few days ago I was mastering a track that really seemed untamable. I was already struggling for hours. I had tried all the buss compressors I use on a regular basis. None of them seem to do the trick.
    Last in line I decided to give the Shadow Hills a try... It really pulled everything together and tamed the untamable in no time. I'm very impressed!! And I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of what this crazy baby can do. Fantastic! Can't wait to try the Class A.
  • Shadow Hills

    by 32bitz
    Power compressor!
  • Great

    by bb music
  • Shabow Hill

    by Martox
    I was looking for a good Bus and Master Comp for my mixes for a long time. Now a have this! Amazing! Work great in solo tracks to! Thanks PA