Customer Reviews

  • I finally couldn't resist...

    by MCCdusk
    ...and I'm glad that I didn't! I really don't know how you guys did it again, but this is another perfectly programmed emulation since you knocked me off my studio chair with Lindell 80 series. Fantastic sounding dual compression with almost zero cpu consumption. You guys definitely play in another league! Chapeau!
  • Pure Power

    by Edgar Cortes Angarita
    Very few audio products sound like they look. The sound this produces is pure power and "beef". The obvious is to insert it into the drum bus, but try it on percussion like cajon and bongos, acoustic guitars on X/Y, by setting dual mono operation, they come alive, even before cranking up the gain of either comp.
    It's on every single one of my sessions even if it is just for the circuit switch.
    There is no wrong way to use it, try it and just get it.
  • Shedow Hill

    by MITCH
    Shadown Hill compressor ..
    Very successful compressor simulation sounds excellent!
    My new favorite in the mastering chain
  • King of kings of mastering

    by Francisco
    Very versatile for everything , mixing and mastering , whit its powerful compressors excellent bass and brightness.congratulations .Its my favorite
  • MIxBus King

    by Mchangani
    This is the most versatile Bus Compressor in the Plugin World! Sounds Amazing and it does what I ask of it! The minute I tried out the demo, I knew this would be a great investment! It compliments my Rupert Master Bus Processor like not other plugin I have tried! This is a major breakthrough and thanks for the side chain filter!!! This deserves an award for Plugin of The year and beyond, sounds like an expensive analog unit(well duh! of cause it does!) and I love to apply subtle adjustments on both compressors.
  • Awesome Compressor

    by Cleon
    When I looked at the demo I thought I would only use one of the flavours, but after using it I end up using all three flavours. It just gives me what I need. I wanted this plugin natively for years. Plugin Alliance DELIVERED!!!!
  • Such Power / CPU Friendly

    by Tory G
    Not much to say here. Original code with some additional functions make this unit a solid 5 start top-tier signal processor.
  • Smoothness & Glue

    by Dave C
    Up until now, my go to Mastering Compressor was the wonderful SPL Iron. This superb unit adds a subtle but glorious dynamic and beautiful sheen to the music. The Shadow Hills has a different but no less impressive character. To my ears, it adds a unique smoothness and glue. Depending on the results I want, I now have two "go to" Mastering Compressors to choose from. Thanks PA for making this iconic unit available to the ITB masses.