Customer Reviews

  • Has to be experienced

    by Seb Komor
    I cant say much besides you gotta try it to hear it for yourself. How it glues your mix together is to me unheard of by any other compressor I have, even the really good ones...
  • One to rule them all

    by StevenK
    I do only mixing in the box, so I cannot judge about emulation issues. I can only say that this compressor does an unbelievable job, esp. on busses.
    The first choice is the transformer. Even without compression it gives so much to some instruments. (This is my main reason to use the plugin on single instruments.)
    Having two seperate compressors makes it very versatile. To my ears both sound great and allow very subtle adjustments.
    Before I bought this one, I used the IRON on drum busses an the 2-buss. Now it is the Shadow Hills. The overall sound always wins when you insert this kind of tools! Sometimes I still use the superb sound of the IRON plugin - but with the Shadow Hills it is far easier to adjust loudness and compression.
  • No Shadow that's for sure...

    by NuRecordings
    I must admit that I'm impressed with this thing!!!
  • Beauty and Power Plugin Machine

    by MKL
    This Shadow Hills plugin machine deserves its fame. It offers different tones as mastering compressor and handles everything with grace. Great job guys!
  • it's on top of the hill

    by odod
    as per name, very useful on mastering project, and yet the knobs .. omg very sexy :D
  • Very Warm..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    This compressor gives a polish sound, it's warm but full of depth. Just an amazing comp.. on all my mixes now. Once again Plugin Alliance / Brainworx don't know how you guy's consistently coming up with such quality. Thank you for those awesome tools.
  • Perfect!

    by Discarga
    Now I really can get rid of my complete UAD setup, thank you so much!
  • Mastering Compressor

    by element4audio
    Excellent, for drum or give an analog feeling to a digital track. I like a lot the colour, with the new Masteting Compressor Class A, are the best on the market.
  • dual comp and tube smoothness

    by PMT Studio
    Love these hands-on no-nonsense compression work tools of old but this will not fade or vary with wear ever, I'm in. lol
  • FANTÁSTICO !!!!!!

    by Esteban Vargas
    El mejor compresor que he podido usar.