Customer Reviews

  • MR

    by Salmio1
    I like it!
  • reseña

    by vidal
  • dynamite

    by Synthitize
    This SPL plugin is much easier than a compressor to set up to boost a drum or a bass or a synth...etc.
    Above all, it is much more efficient! It quickly becomes indispensable.
  • SPL Attacker Plus

    by Kaseboy Advance
    While I love transient processors like XLN's Drum Shaper-10 and even FL's native Transient Processor, this one blows them out of the water. Whenever I need fat, punchy drums, this plugin never fails to deliver. Plus, It acts as a parallel compressor and a limiter when I need it to.
  • Attacker plus

    by ABC du beatmaking
    All we need give punch to your kick ,it's easy to use and powerfull ,to control the transient attack on all of your instruments and drums
  • SPL Attacker Plus

    by sjcongo
    This little plug brings power and joy to my drum tracks :)
    "A must - have kinda stuff"... and a Big Thanks to the developers
  • Nice

    by JackBale
    All the SPL plug-ins are really good
  • licencia

    by Dj Chaac
  • Best simple transient designer

    by aalekso0
    Its resident Plugin on my Drum Bus Simple and Effective.
    Tried Bunch Other Plugins but every time I use Attacker Plus.
  • Simple, easy to use

    by Overdrive Music
    Simple, easy to use, fast to load. I love SPL plugins and hardware.
    Sometime, I don't want to mess around with multiband transient plugins. This just gets the job done instantly!