Customer Reviews

  • Loving the upgrade

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    A very subtle but a effective plugin, now with the dry and wet mix knob give blend of both sound is awesome. A craftsman got to have his tool. This is a must!
  • Amazing, simple and effective

    by Richard
    Bought this plugin and upgraded to the plus. Amazing yet simple tool. I use it on almost everyting. Drums, Percussion, Leads and other instruments. A must have plugin for everyone
  • Realmente increíble

    by Alain Gaston
    Attacker Plus is really incredible. Used it on bass and drum tracks. Deep bass with marked presence and in place, Highlights the Punch of the bass drum, increases the power and presence in the mix. He used it on the Master and mixes new strength with lots of analogue clarity. It's already in my favorite arsenal. Thanks Plugin Alliance.
  • Attacker Plus

    by JH Studio
    Very useful transient design tool. Great on drums !!!
  • Punchier

    by eric b.
    Really good upgrade more define and punchier. Great shapping tool. If you get it on sale it's a gift.
  • Improvement on the original

    by MixedbyMe
    I have used the original Micro plugs since they were released, they are indispensable. This is like having twice the power in the same package
  • SPL Attacker Plus

    by lurojas
    First off.....every mix I do utilizes SPL plugins! I tried all 3 micro plugs this morning, and as expected they simply work and sound great! Their interface is easy to use. No need to be a rocket scientist to make them work for you. At their price point they are a no brainer to add to your tool box. The Attacker Plus has definitely found a place in my tool box!