Customer Reviews

  • Like it!

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    This product works as it should. It has not "woow" effect, but it's quite good.
  • SPL Attacker plus

    by j tayo
    Three knobs, great sound, transients sorted .
  • Loving this!

    by Geo316
    I bought it because I have a track with a couple of really funky staccato Wah Wah guitar riffs. This little plug really brought out the parts. I've also used it across a drum buss or on kick or snare to punch up the drum track. I think it's a great tool for anything short and funky going on in your song - keyboards, bass lines, horns... etc... even certain vocals...
  • Attacker Plus

    I really like the plugin, it does not spoil the sound, it makes it brighter, alive!
  • Nice bite

    by Martijn van Dongen
    Very easy to use to give your snare, kick or other percussive instruments more bite. You can easily blend it in to taste.
  • SPL Attacker Plus

    Beautiful Plugin i absolutely love SPL Attacker Plus!
    my go to plugin now Thank you PA!
  • Simple

    by Control Freak
    While this may only be half of a true transient shaper it is only advertised as part of the transient designer plus. And this thing does it's job perfectly. I originally had the attacker and decided to upgrade because it was cheap. If you are looking to add an edge to something this will do exactly what you need it to do. This can save an over edited vocal take at times and can take whatever element that seems buried in a mix and bring it out and while I am the kind of person that likes full control when I buy a plugin sometimes the plugin that is easy and does exactly what you need and nothing more is perfect. You can dial it in in seconds and completely forget about it. Plugin-alliance has never once let me down and this plugin is no exception.
  • It just works

    by m2
    I love ‘one knob’ plugins that just get the job done! Breaking out Transient Designers attack function also helps me keep track of what’s going on at glance. The addition of a limiter and the dry/web knob are welcome additions.
  • Attacker plus

    by Ebro
    The never ending challenge of dynamics has an easy waited solver in Attacker plus.
  • Nattkeys

    by easy and convenient
    It is suitable for drums and percussion. easy and convenient.