Customer Reviews

  • SPL DrumXchanger

    by Ebro
    DrumXchanger does what I was looking for, helped me to add that
    Xtra punch to my mix that somehow in the row of "making" had lost
    the bite, yes good to know that help is there when needed.
  • SPL DrumExchanger

    by ATN69
    SPL DrumExchanger offer a nice way to layer kicks that I already have in my sample library and to shape the sound into what I want. Shaping transients or changing the body of a kick is now easy work.
  • Great with the subtleties

    by mr sunshine
    I'm an old-school engineer (tape machines, tape on drum heads, splicing tape, piano tuning notes at the head of each song :-) and been mixing the new music the last few years. I got a project in the style of 60's-70's country and needed just a touch of the modern drum sounds here and there. The Drum Replacer is perfect. Really well designed and functions as expected.
  • Love and hate

    by Mangelo
    The different options, (HPF/LPF, Attack/Release, Tuning, Mix,...) make it really flexible and help a lot to achieve the exact amount of what the original recording lacks.
    However the replacement does not always sync well, especially for the kick. Maybe the recordings I'm getting are not so good. No matter how much I tweaked the knobs to help it detect better, at the end I've found myself syncing manually some of the samples, which is exactly what everyone's trying to avoid.
    So I guess it's very good just for clean and nice recordings/performances, it's very flexible and easy to work with.
  • Get another drummer real quick!

    by Maniou
    While real drummers can be difficult to handle, this one can replace them all? No, not all! While straight defined strokes can be replaced easily, it is quite not easy to handle snare rolls and figurations mostly found in jazz and alike. Could be better!
  • Very useful tool!

    by Musician B.
    It is fantastic tool for replacing drums in drum tracks. I used Trigger Platinum only and now I am using DrumXChanger too. It is very useful tool. Thanks SPL & Plugin Alliance!
  • Awesome and affordable

    by Martijn van Dongen
    This is really an awesome plugin when your current recording of your drums lack a bit on dynamics or power. It is very easy to use and you even select your own samples. Way better affordable than other companies with similar plugins.
  • Drum Xchngr

    by JH Studio
    I waited for this to come up on sale for nearly a year. Now I can reinforce my drum tracks in a way I've always wanted.
  • SPL DrumXChanger

    by Robbie
    Intuitive, simple in use, very effective, fast, useful and thoughtfully designed. Love it.
  • Nice one!

    by Aleksandar P
    Exactly what I was looking for ,it took me a while to figure it out,doesn’t work on all sources but when it does it’s awesome-time saver; two transient designers plus drum replacer - can’t beat this;goes as low as 19.