Customer Reviews

  • Saved a project

    by Chilln2music
    I was able to replace (actually blend by ducking most but not all of original kick) a kick sample over an original kick track that could not be EQed properly to fit in the song... worked perfectly and didn’t take long as the learning curve wasn’t bad at all. Highly recommended!
  • Very good drum replacer

    by Rex
    It works great, and the transient designer on both the wet and dry signals is a really great feature. The drumkit sounds that it comes with are pretty good, and there are many cool features when designing your own banks of sounds.
    My biggest qualm is that the interface is not the most user-friendly compared to other drum replacement software I've used. I think the format of the controls could have been more streamlined (possibly by keeping many of the extra features in popup menus so that the most important controls are more easily accessible and the view is less cluttered).
    Overall, very good plugin. I use it all the time.
  • a forensic level of beat detection

    by Geoff Waldron
    I work with whole stereo loops where none of the drums are isolated. DrumXchanger has saved me from flabby snares, indistinct kick drums and murky toms. The "Trigger Section" is powerful and detects beats like Columbo. The key is in setting the transient & level sliders and then adjusting their respective gain knobs until the tracking is perfect. Next adjust the "Rim" and "Dynamics" controls until the samples match the performance's dynamics. The included samples are FANTASTIC and cranking the sustain knob shows how beautifully these samples were recorded... they are flawless. Want to to stack multiple snares and claps until your backbeat is as thick as a porterhouse steak? No problem. Easily add perfectly tuned 808 hits to your acoustic kick drum tracks by automating the tuning knob. DrumXchanger is a potent way to achieve perfect drums.
  • Good

    i like this plugin.. if you make different drum sound must try it..
  • Xchange and make it better!

    by Blacksmith Studio
    I really like this plugin mainly because it helps you sculpt your drum sound in a natural way - I am currently using it so it helps me preserve the essence of a good recorded drum set. I took real samples of the drum set and I am using those as triggers. The way you can use the transient sharpers and dry/wet control to blend the real drums and samples together is truly making it a great tool to have!
  • I wish the samples lined up better.

    by David Hollenbeck
    Been using this for a couple years on and off. I love that I can easily add my own one-shot samples, andd the tuning/attack/sustain options are really handy.
    However, no matter what I do there's an audible 100-200ms delay on the samples creating a really weird "flam" effect. I've tried pretty much every setting in Pro Tools and driven myself crazy trying to fix this. Like I said I've had it for a few years and gone through several updates of pro tools and this plugin, as well as my OS, without fail the delay is always there.
    Not a deal breaker as I can just render the track to audio and drag it into place, but I really wish I didn't have to do that every single time.
  • Too Intuitive!

    by Ben James
    Ideally I would love to record my live kit but it's far too small to get good consistency with my room. I saw Dave Pensado using the Slate sampler on his videos and thought: "man, if I could get a rough live recording and trigger samples as my main beat, cool!". Enter drumXchanger. I knew very little about it, however, I got it on the winter promo for far too cheap! Man this thing is so simple and effective. I can replace parts with my own samples and what I do is set it on a bus and my drums to it. Now I have the sample running in parallel to the original and can run the plugin 100% wet and blend in to taste. Not a CPU hog and runs so well. Only suggestion would be an easier way to 'test play' samples when picking in my library. Thankfully I have labelled my kicks/snares/HHs well enough that sometimes the guess of which one will sound better is fun and gets great results. You will be very happy with this if your needs are similar to the above circumstances!
  • DrumXchanger

    by MrB
    Yes,exist many tools in this direction, but DrumXchanger is very effective replacer for any kind of drum sound and very easy to manipulate.Thank you P.A.Team for great offers.
  • Súper útil

    by Mike Herrera
    Una herramienta súper útil, para re samplear o sumar algunos elementos y me parece rápido y práctico... Buenísimo, súper recomendado.
  • drums solution

    by DearVR
    very useful tool for drum mixing!! great results!