Customer Reviews

  • Combining loops and samples

    by AreG
    For me the SPL DrumXChanger works best with percussion loops triggering all sorts of samples. By tweaking the knobs you can generate so many interesting new loops. Definitely a cool and very fun experimental tool to add to your arsenal.
  • SPL DrumXChanger

    by famousbass
    Been on every drum recording I've done in one way or another.
    There's always something, somewhere along the line where I can use this to enhance already good playing.
  • Works better than the other brands

    by aroomstudios
    I used to use drum triggers all the time years ago. I used a different brand and printed a copy of the snare to tape. Then went back in a fixed the missing hits by hand. This plugin (with a low cut before the plugin) gets about 100% of the hits. If it misses any of the hits I have not heard them. I only trigger to augment my snare so it is only a small amount I am adding. Though every single hit I check is there. Rolls, flams etc. This makes it so much easier to not have to print a copy of the snare to tape. Easy interface and works perfect.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks, this is exactly how we like to work with it as well! Blending some samples into your real drums.
  • Drum exchange

    by Dear DR
    Nice quick way to replace an unsatisfactory drum hit that you don’t have time to deal with wether you totally replace the track or blend them it is simple and fast . There’s also lots of tweak options try it out I’m sure you’ll find use for it .
  • I always used a competitors plugin BUT this thing rocks

    by MixedbyMe
    I have been a long term user of a plugin that does a similar thing, Or so I thought, Nothing does what this thing does, the difference is in the details, dial in the hits you wish had been recorded with immense accuracy and speed.
  • Drum replacer

    by DukeTt
    Hands down best drum replacer I've used.
    Sound quality extremely impressive, as with all SPL plugins I use.
    Versatile for all types of drum sounds, stock sounds are great , ability to use own samples also. A steep learning curve but well worth it, use on every project since I installed.
    Highly recommended.
  • perfect tool

    by alankara
    Easy to use and very handy.
    Perfect tool and must have for every music producer.
  • fast way to stack samples

    by Niels Dettenbach
    This tool is the fastest way for me to professionally stack samples one by one onto a recorded, dynamically played drum, e-drum or other percussive track.
    The CPU load is small, regarding the complexity and possibilities of the tool and it works much more naturally as fiddeling with Audio2MIDI or similiuar (at oeast for me...ß).
    Getting additionally Kick Layers seems standard for most Metal Bands / Productions - DX works with recorded trigger signals as with the original Kick track there.
    I would wish SPL would publish some additional drum kits "for further everyday usage" with the SPL - even if often some own specially selected / produced (stack) samples got used.
  • DrumXChanger

    by Perry
    Got a poorly recorded drum set, sounds terrible but is on time and in the groove. This will fix that by replacing the bad drum sounds with great sounds triggered by the original track.
    I have had drummers say how great! their drums sound!
    Never tell them I replaced all the original sounds while retaining the original playing!