Customer Reviews

  • Source Specific

    by DumitriJohn
    Surgical like, Transparent & Clean! It's on everything i mix.
  • Great sounding EQ

    by JimGramze
    I bought EQ Ranger Plus because it was on sale and I liked the videos about it. This is a damned fine sounding EQ! I find myself using it on all sorts of tracks and find the preset settings to be shockingly on point and extremely helpful. Love it.
  • Timiryan Manapov

    by timirjan@yandex
    Thank you! I really like the plugin!
  • SPL Ranger

    by GS
    Basic Eq, nothing special
  • Nice plugins

    by Konstantinos
    Thanks for all...super plugins and nice price... And gifts always.. Thanks!! This EQ ranger plus is very nice for mixing...
  • EQ Ranger

    by Mikecan4
    Easy with presets to get it done quickly
  • must have this!

    by OockK
    This is different from normal Graphic EQ.
    With a number of built-in modules,
    you can access great sound faster!
  • amazing plugin

    by filipe
    excellent presets, easy to use, and has an excellent result
  • Simply Extraordinary¡

    by Alain Gaston
    Simply extraordinary, it is a great equalizer, it is not very aggressive but it fulfills very well with its work, it uses it in the voices with fast adjustments, it is very easy to use, it is very easy to use, it is clean and resistant my music to another level and there is no lack in my mixtures.
  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by Alex Hepting
    Cleans up unwanted frequencies. Has a set of eq ranges for different sounds. Works transparently & musical. In addition this plugin can attenuate or boost by a single fader. Has an user-friendly UI.