Customer Reviews

  • Eq Ranger Plus

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by JH Studio
    I love this unit. So many presets and so transparent. This can speed up your workflow while bringing out the best of each channel.
    Plugin Alliance response
  • SPL Eq Ranger Plus

    by Bourian Boubbov
    Ok, a really short one, promise! :'D
    I don't own the hardware but I do have the Purple Audio TAV, which is also inductor based. I love the A Designs EM-Peqs, also inductors...
    My point is, regardless of the diferent brands, and approaches, to my ears/brain there is a sweet fatness that just sounds right in the right places, particularly in the low ranges of BD, bass, synths, subs, congas, drones, etc.
    The plugin gives me so much of this colour, feel, ( add your cool words here) that I find myself reaching for the SPL when I am in the rush of a new idea or just flying through a track! Highly recommended, and again, different enough to warrant the gear s.uttiness!
  • warm and easy

    by alankara
    warm sounding, easy to use and always good results.
  • eq ranger plus

    by ROCK LAB
    It's a nice eq with a peculiar musical response to the settings. It never sounds harsh. Smooth.
  • Every quickly becoming my go to.

    by Cam
    I've always liked the EQ rangers. They all sound amazing and the simplicity of a graphic eq makes sculpting tones a breeze!
    now that I don't have to switch between different plugins to get a different frequency band my only (minor) complaint about the eq rangers has been taken care of!
    I can see this becoming an essential part of my work flow very quickly.
  • My favorite eq

    by mmusic
    Great plugin for cut or boost without distorting the original sound of instruments.
    One of my favorite eq!
  • EQ Ranger Plus

    by Anjo
    Great sound, easy to use. Especially the Presets come in handy. Highly recommended!
  • Easy EQ

    by MixedbyMe
    This is simple yet so effective. The presets are well thought out and the design and function are perfect. Professional start and sometimes end points for your EQ needs. Try it, you deserve to give yourself this advantage.