Customer Reviews

  • Free Ranger

    by Border Rebel
    Sometimes simple is best; with the Free Ranger you can quickly set eq levels, letting your ears be the judge, and get on with your mix. Fast and accurate; five stars.
  • great pluggin's

    by dro
    amazing pluggin's
  • Ranger

    by Niklas wag
    From time to time
  • Free Ranger

    by Spinncontrol
    Wow....this sounds very musical and works great on cymbals..very smooth...I hate using that word (Smooth) but ITS TRUE in this case.
    Spinncontrol Productions - Texas
  • 很有用处

    by liuyanbochang
  • Free Ranger

    by MrB
    Its a little one but is a free too, nice and practical of course precise tool
  • SPL 4 Band EQ

    by BigBlueWorld
    A very useful high quality SPL 3 Band passive graphic EQ with some musical curves. Can't go wrong trying it out as it's free !

    by Hadley
    Theyre just giving away all this good stuff. Theyre not well in the head :)
  • I use it on every session

    by Jay
    I can't stay away from this EQ. It's like the swiss army knife in my sessions. Perfect in every way. A must have whether you are tracking or mixing. The presets are a great springboard. Great job!
  • I'd pay for this!

    by raansire
    This EQ gets out of the way. It's super clean. Everything sounds better with it. I can't believe something so good and useful is given away for free even if it's a teaser to a better plugin. God bless you!