Customer Reviews

  • Limited but effective

    by UB
    Perfect for carrying out minor eq adjustments, at last but not least important: is FREE :)
    Es perfecta para llevar a cabo ajustes menores en la eq y lo mejor de todo es que es gratis.
  • lots of range here

    by J
    real nice, very flexible
  • Free Ranger is no stranger!

    by Maniou
    This EQ sounds very professional already, that's why I upgraded to "EQ Ranger Plus".
  • Free!

    by cabanasbeats
    Can’t beat free & it sounds awesome. I’d like to get the full version.
  • Very nice...

    by 77Stratman
    Not too shabby for a free simple EQ...
  • Free Ranger goes arrow

    by Little Cloud
    this is the EQ worlds Arrow just is rediculously handy for no time wasting mixes...Everything in one place..I love it and use it ALL THE TIME.
  • EQ Ranger

    by GV
    Have this and the full version. Almost impossible to make the sound worse. Even adding mid-range sounds good. The low end is especially impressive. It's a little complicated to use though. I wish all the frequencies were available in one screen, instead of choosing "ranges".
  • Yes

    by EA
    Great stuff
  • Nice free plugin

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a free plugin. You don't get all the frequencies. The available frequencies sound very nice. I use it mostly on guitars together with other complementary EQ's.
    Great job bx.
  • Free Ranger

    by JH Studio
    You can't beat the price. Makes me want it's big brother with all the great presets.