Customer Reviews

  • Free Ranger EQ

    by tomb
    works well for what it does, not very flexible, sounds good in it's range, the price is right.
  • The 4-band version just isn't worth having

    by VonS
    I bet the FULL version of this would be a handy little graphic ... but the 4-band free version I have falls well below the level of even the stock EQ's in the most modest DAWs.
  • SPL Free RAnger

    by Tipa
    The full version is probably a good eq plugin. The free version is very limited. This limitation makes it difficult to compare this eq with other eqs. The four preset memories are a nice tool.
  • Small, smaller, very small

    by gobe120
    Using this controls you get an eye cancer...
    sorry, but this is true for most of your plugins!
  • can't go wrong

    by Pheek
    Great little one. Use it here and there.
  • Cool have been cool, but too limited

    by Quantum-Music
    I like the sound of it, but you have so little control that it makes it unusable.
  • Cool

    by Mitsu
    Better than API