Customer Reviews

  • Insane Clarity!

    by Mchangani
    I have the hardware and tried out the demo version of the plugin, I must say the apple does not fall far from the tree! love it on everything! I had to purchase it right after trying it out!
  • Beautiful EQ

    by A.M. Music
    I use this for mastering mostly, but it's great on individual tracks too. A subtle EQ, nothing edgy about it. Lots of bass like a pultec and the high end is silky sweet. The high frequency boost is a bell, but it can get very wide almost like a shelf. A low end boost/cut is easy to hear. A high end boost is more subtle, but you can really hear the difference when you bypass it. Great for mastering or mix bus. Acoustic guitars come alive without being edgy if that's what you're looking for. On piano you can get lush gorgeous sound, but not so much for a rock track. Mid/side is really useful too.
  • good price-quality ratio

    by Mike
    Sounds good, specially in MS mode. Great emulation
  • Beautiful EQ

    by James Cory
    This is my go to eq for subtle shaping of buss tracks. LOVE it!!!
  • SPL Passeq

    by Avatar Studio
    SPL Passeq is an absolutely magical EQ. Easy to use and achieve the desired results. High quality EQ plugin for mastering, very smooth and transparent too. This EQ is the best EQ I've ever used.
    Thanks Plugin Alliance. 5 STARS *****
  • Passeq

    by Labby
    I like this EQ very well- it‘s so smooth but defining. The colour you get is unmatched to a compareable one you would use. The way of
    the array of the knobs is like you feel the sound: round and warm
  • Masterpiece

    by Tim
    Probably my favourite EQ, especially in MS mode. Just adds magic to most things with minimal effort. The cut/boost balance is superb, and the EQ curves are wonderful to hear. Works on a single instrument as well as on a whole mix. I cannot recommend it enough.
  • Just do it !

    by Jaff
    I use this guy for my mastering session and in M/S, this boy does the job pretty well ! And it gives this analog-mojo we've all expected from a master
  • Interesting and useful EQ

    by Aidan Brock
    This EQ sounds very nice and having separate options for boost/cut and L/R or M/S is great functionality. Doesn't always work on everything, but when it does, it does. Layout of the controls can be a little slow to get used to.
  • passeq

    by Allister Whitehead
    You don't need to add much bass to get that all important oomph required for a dance track, cleanish and big. The mid section sounds solid and rich without any +DB. The top end adds a subtle sheen without any harshness. I've tried every native EQ out there and this is the master EQ I was looking for. Max Respect!