Customer Reviews

  • One of the best!

    by sobrinN
    One of the best EQ emulation ever done, powerful, smooth and versatile.
  • Most incredible EQ

    by Evoke
    I genuinely can't believe how perfect this EQ is. I bought it without really understanding what a passive EQ is, but I've never had a disappointment with an SPL product, and this one is no different.
    This is EQ rides the line between completely transparent and audio sweetening. Any small adjustments you make will be buttery smooth, solving your mixing problem without any noticeable resonance or phasing issues, but larger adjustments bring out a sweetness and color to the EQ that really shines.
    The cherry on top is the Mid/Side processing, which shines when you want to enhance the stereo image of your source without adding any kind of phasing or effects. Subtle differences between the EQ parameters in M/S mode with the link turned off allow you to bring life to any sound.
    I will be using this EQ for almost everything (including mastering) from now on. One of the best plugins I've ever purchased.
  • What a surprise!

    by Alfred
    I waited a long time to buy this plugin because I didn't see much value with all the plugins I already had. Now it's on sale I bought it to complete my SPLMastering chain and it was a big surprise! Smooth and gentle to handle and great sounding. The manual is a great one, besides info how to work with th EQ a lot of background info, already worth the buy!
  • Love the Mid-Side controls

    by Overdrive Music
    I predominantly use this EQ in Mid-Side mode. The two big knobs make it so easy to increase or decrease the stereo field as a whole, and also fine-tweak it. I love adding some top end air sparkle on the side channel.
  • Amazing EQ

    by adrianfaur
    Probably the most underrated plugin eq on the market. Best eq for boosting lows. Better than all my UAD eq's for low end. Amazing!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot for your support!
  • Details

    by Juan23
    Great passive EQ! So many options you can get lost real quick. You might just get caught up with pulling out old mixes and giving this plug in a space on the mix bus. Nice and smooth.
  • Master Bus Eq

    by Coletti
    I use it on every mix bus, with little adjustment you can sculpture the finale color of the mix (obviously without changing it like from "black to white"!). I use it very smoothly, with little gain boost and cut. When I check with ON/bypass it always gives me more deepness, color and space.
  • Love it !

    by Maikol
    This has been a real life saver for me since I've bought it ! I've been able to transform flat sounding pretty poorly recorded acoustic instruments into lively, almost larger than life 3D sounding instruments. Using the combination of low end boosting and filtering you can find this sweet spot where that small and narrow piano will get back the depth and weight it deserves. It's so great to have this in plugin form !
  • PassEQ

    by maddison
    LOVE this sound of this plugin. Wish I could read the numbers on the GUI though!
  • SPL Passeq

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I was looking for something like this for a while now: a neat plugin for subtile adjustments. But I got so much more! This one is great. I've got the feeling that everything gets brighter and some sort of closer to the ear in a very pleasant way.
    If you put it on an aux-channel to modify a reverb, you can easily put that signal "around" your dry material by using the M/S-button.