Customer Reviews

  • Passeq

    by Little Cloud
    There should be seven stars with five being really really really good because this EQ is the best EQ I've ever used hands down!
    As a software EQ there is nothing that touches it in the passive area. I have just finished doing over 60 35 to 45 minute audio products and I've used Passeq as the master bus EQ on every single product because...Well just because!! Hahahaha
  • Musical EQ with M/S

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    I have been using the Passeq plug-in for several years now. I still love it and it is always my first choice for difficult recordings. The selection of frequencies is wise, making this a very musical passive EQ.
    Don't let your inner engineer get frightened by the huge amount of knobs: once you take a closer look you will find everything to be laid out very logically.
    The M/S functionality is making this superior to the hardware version and does a great job when you have to give back transparency to not-so-well-done stereo mixes. This is a marvelous tool.

    by Pinellimusic
    In my opinion 90% a mastering tool.
    Very smooth and not for all purposes but extremly gentle sounding.
    A great tool in your arsenal. Exellent !
  • Classic plugin

    by Constantin
    Even if you do have another passive eq, this one is still unique.
    The workflow itself lends to interesting results that can't be easily replicated with anything else.
    The sound is perfect for electronic music (that smooth Hi-end)
  • Yokozuna EQ

    by ITS
    I was looking for a high quality EQ plugin for mastering. I tried maybe 10 of them and this was the best for me. As a musician playing modern heavy rock stuff, I want my music to be heavy yet clear, powerful yet subtle, punchy yet clean. How can you achieve those contradicting goals? Passeq lets you do that, with some extraordinary magic. It has 3 boost & 3 cut sections. Let your ears decide and chances are you will end up using all of them, both cuts and boosts. It's true sometimes you need another EQ to treat low end or just one more band (I found Maag EQ4 is a great complement.), but this thing can do it all, revealing the sound of each instrument in the mix somehow. There is no Q adjustment available (except for high boost) and at first you may hear some filter-like effect, but all will be good in the end when the job is done right. This EQ has almost everything, clarity, edge, body and class. Surely it looks complicated and intimidating, and I admit it's not easy to use. Secret weapon I don't have to keep secret. It's not for everybody and it probably takes a while to figure out how everything works. Don't let the look of it scare you. Give it a try, take time and figure out. Once you understand, you will see this is a well designed mastering tool. To me this EQ is Yokozuna, heavyweight champion of EQs.
  • Inaudible bettermaker

    This EQ is the best tool for shelving (boost & cut) and Mid boosts.It sounds so clean and natural in the mids like nothing ive ever had.This Heavyweight mastering sound sculpter has incredible characteristics in terms of depth. It brings up the depth in a mix or Master by simply adding a bit of midrange with the mid band (love the lower Mid Boosts).Bassboost: Wow! Never heard any EQ like this. You have to listen by your own.Basscut: In certain ways inaudible. I am always wondering how much you can dip with no loss in sound quality. It sounds unique.All in all: The MS option and the ABCD makes this EQ one of my favorite one for shelving and mid boosts.SPL - Thanks a lot for this Analog Code !!!!!
  • Surprisingly musical and usable

    by Overmann
    Initially this EQ is a bit intimidating. Opening it up for the first time I felt like a padawan staring into the void hoping some jedi master would manifest and give guidance. In these cases the manual is really helpful, and I was just about to start reading when I glanced back at the plugin and started noticing the logic of it. After squinting for a little while I started turning the knobs and immediately found myself grinning. It sounds fantastic! I find myself using it for both wider and more surgical tasks, and it excels at both. It has a wonderful smooth sound to it and doesn't harshen up the sound when given even the most ridiculous tasks.The M/S features are also very welcome. With the smooth sound and usability of this plugin enhancing stereo imaging or fixing problems is easy and always gives great results. I am quite selctive with my plugins. I do not have 100 EQ's in my collection, I often find that too many options clog my workflow. I just buy the once I like the most and this one is a no brainer for me. I can't see ever not having this in my favourites-folder.