Customer Reviews

  • Must Have It

    by 3rdtimothy
    This plugin works like Sriracha sauce. Once you've tried it on normal, good tasting food (or audio) you can't stand anything without it. In fact I even use this plugin on in Fidelia, when I'm listening to (mastered) music just for fun. It's important to note how the two 'harmonics' buttons interact to provide four different options. My favorite is with both buttons black (10khz).
  • That little extra

    by THIS
    I always slap this on all my tracks just for that bit extra
  • 喜欢它的声音

    by liuyanbochang
  • Best

    by Konstantinos
    Best for vocals....nice harmony!!
  • Twin tube

    by Kez
    Great alternative to eq for adding presence to vocals and snares. Really cuts through the mix without adding harshness.
  • Twin Tube

    by Roman @ Magenta Records
    TwinTube is one of these magic Plugins to use when you want some kind of fullness wich is not to achieve with your usual Plugins. A Twintube is running on almost every project i did in the past.
  • Incredible ...

    by Goodwilly
    I can not imagine work on vocals and guitars without this magic tool :)
  • Quality Salturation Effect

    by m2
    I love the way TwinTube sounds, and having independent controls for the saturation and harmonics is lovely. One small niggle: I’m not the biggest fan of the clunky multi-button harmonics frequency selector. This is one area where breaking ranks with the hardware controls by inserting a simple frequency selector would make sense.
  • Round Sound

    by Willem
    Great for adding more gain, colour and saturation. Can give you authoritative lows and fuzzy highs. Being able to dial in the right amount of saturation at the right frequencies can make a sound bloom. I found myself using it in combination with an eq or a compressor, or treating only the mids in an ms configuration to bring a sound closer.
  • Lovely

    by AreG
    TwinTube sounds incredible on almost anything - vox, synths, bass, percussion, groups etc. GUI needs a modern update, cf SPL Transient Designer. Moreover, the VST3 version does not run well (VST2 works fine), fix required. Hope to see an update soon - this tool is superb !