Customer Reviews

  • Just Add Tone

    by Tyler Taylor
    TwinTube is a great harmonic plugin that simplifies saturation. I would recommend this plugin if you're looking for reliable saturation that provides a "round" warmth without much fuss.
  • TwinTube

    by JH Studio
    This is my favorite saturator for Synth and many other Instruments. Very flexible and effective.
  • Energy Booster.

    by Stereotactic
    I always wanted a plugin that injects energy and life back into my drums after compression and I finally found it.
  • Just that little bit extra you needed

    by Alex
    This is a fantastic plugin. Simple and easy to use. But very powerful. Use it to excite boring guitars. Throw it on your shells or drum buss to help smooth out those peaky transients. Or on limp vocals to bring out some character. I'm really happy I bought the SPL TwinTube.
  • Perfect for dusty old school drum breaks!

    by PeteMarriott
    For all my Boom Bap and Lo-Fi Hip Hop heads: This plugin right here is what you should have in your sampling chain when you're snatching those break beats! Don't sleep! Wake the funk up and cop this pronto!
  • SPL Twin Tube

    by JG Master Lab
    Useful tool, easy to use and efficient!
  • Must Have It

    by 3rdtimothy
    This plugin works like Sriracha sauce. Once you've tried it on normal, good tasting food (or audio) you can't stand anything without it. In fact I even use this plugin on in Fidelia, when I'm listening to (mastered) music just for fun. It's important to note how the two 'harmonics' buttons interact to provide four different options. My favorite is with both buttons black (10khz).
  • That little extra

    by THIS
    I always slap this on all my tracks just for that bit extra
  • 喜欢它的声音

    by liuyanbochang
  • Best

    by Konstantinos
    Best for vocals....nice harmony!!