Customer Reviews

  • simple

    by JB
    i use it as an EQ sometimes depending on the source-it's great that it has just a few knobs, it's hard to get into too much trouble with this one.
  • Quality stuff.

    by Dr. Spectra
    A total star in my constellation. This unit brings warmth and weight, or crunch and grit in equal measure. It has found a place in every mix since joining my collection.
  • Very satisfied!

    by Perfect for snare & clap
    I loved this plugin at the first sight! If you want to fit your clap or snare perfectly in the mix - TwinTube is the plugin! It gives you the possibility simultaneously to feel the slap in you face, but without any harsh. Just play with the saturation knob!
  • Are you serious?

    by Impulsound
    This inconspicuous little dwarf can do magic...
    No matter if drums, piano or synths - you want to bring the sound into the foreground without making it louder?
    Or make the vocals sound more aggressive and biting without compressing them?
    Then this is exactly the tool you need.
  • Very effective

    by B. van kaa
    Good, simple very effective. Low DSP. Easy to get results. Nice to work with
  • TwinTube

    by Peter FROG
    Very easy to use and great sound. I cannot really compare with other saturation plugins but it's intuitive and efficient, can be used instead of an eq sometimes.
  • Just Add Tone

    by Tyler Taylor
    TwinTube is a great harmonic plugin that simplifies saturation. I would recommend this plugin if you're looking for reliable saturation that provides a "round" warmth without much fuss.
  • TwinTube

    by JH Studio
    This is my favorite saturator for Synth and many other Instruments. Very flexible and effective.
  • Energy Booster.

    by Stereotactic
    I always wanted a plugin that injects energy and life back into my drums after compression and I finally found it.
  • Just that little bit extra you needed

    by Alex
    This is a fantastic plugin. Simple and easy to use. But very powerful. Use it to excite boring guitars. Throw it on your shells or drum buss to help smooth out those peaky transients. Or on limp vocals to bring out some character. I'm really happy I bought the SPL TwinTube.