Customer Reviews

  • Keyboard’s Best Friend

    by Dan
    I find myself using this on almost every keyboard track, eps sound more alive, organs dirtier and grittier, boring synth pads become epic. I have this on my synths when I audition them, sounds that I would have passed by, become essential.
  • Add the harmonics you didn't capture

    by MixedbyMe
    This is one of those plugins that you need to hear to believe, The lack of vibe and mojo in modern digital recordings is no longer a problem
  • easy to use

    by alankara
    Great and easy to use! Love the smoothness

    by GILLES
    I love the sound and possibility that offer, but the peak indicator should stay on wen overload so it is easier and safer to work with and really know what is going on. Also the volume control as no calibration, we have no idea the amount of boost or cut we applied to maximize the sound, this is very poor for a plugins in that class..SPL you lost one star...
  • Add a little extra

    by KJR
    I use this plugin regularly to add a little more dimension to my individual tracks or my master. It gives a warmth that sounds like a tube was used in the mix. I've tried other plugins to get the same finesse but I like Twin Tube the best.
  • nice for lead vocals / instruments

    by Niels Dettenbach
    allows enriching vocals and lead instruments with harmonics to bring them further in front of the mix and even "work" on smaller / consumer hifi gear - without going to harsh. Using it on an AUX with dedicated EQ before multiplies the possibilities.