Customer Reviews

  • Kirchhoff EQ is outstanding!

    by Curtis Mayfield III
    I've used the Kirchhoff EQ for a couple of months now. All I can say is wow! The flexibility of this eq alone makes it the best dynamic EQ on the market. Any curve. Any slope. Any shape that makes your sound work is possible with this tool. Side chain it. Over sample it. Runs like water. Very low resource usage and the sound speaks for itself.
  • Don’t need anything else…

    by Synthitize
    Sometimes you try and/or buy “small” plugins EQ… but in the end they won’t do as good a job as this one. The difference is already in the quality of the treatments and in its ease of use. It may cost more than some but it is well worth the price. You won't regret it
  • Perfect EQ

    by Joost
    This EQ is a workhorse. After installing it you'll probably never need another EQ. The EQ settings of its presets are very well selected.
    I often use the DubStep Mastering preset for mixing a rock/blues band with a contrabass as a starting point and it fits very well.
    The M/S setting needs to be handled with caution.
    The versatility of the overwhelming number of EQ curve types is unique.
  • Kirchhoff - EQ

    by Konrad C
    One of the most versatile and comprehensive equalization plugins created. With an almost overwhelming selection of modeled curves, characteristics and features it truly would be the 'desert island' EQ plugin if not for one thing; it's a bit buggy.
    Preset handling is TERRIBLE, at least on a PC. Using the plugin's own preset management is hinky (saved presets not being found even though they appear in the browser), using the host's preset management is a show stopper (in Pro Tools, preset management crashes the app). There are also some GUI issues that aren't show stoppers but they make me think twice before instantiating this on an insert. If not for these issues, it would be my go-to, user default. It already is in all practicality but sometimes I feel bad for my control surface when it has to put up with the verbal abuse Kirchhoff can trigger when it goes sideways.
    That being said, sonically, Kirchhoff is STELLAR. It a tone color box, it's a surgical tool, it's vintage, it's modern, it's whatever you want it to be baby. I don't know if there's a limit on the number of bands one can enable but the flexibility is fantastic if you want to audition different curve models using the same settings. The dynamic EQ section is unbelievably comprehensive. I mean, c'mon, who else makes a trigger sidechain with it's OWN SIDECHAIN!?! The precision one can exercise when de-essing/de-booming/de-harshing; fixing tonal problems, is unprecedented.
    The interface can be a bit daunting sometimes. There's a LOT of info in the GUI to digest but it's welcome in comparison to a minimalist approach found in some boutique plugins; none of that one-size-fits-all-non-editable-macro knob nonsense. This is an engineer's EQ. Once you find your way around the interface, you know where you need to go in order to achieve the results you want.
    If you can get past the shortcomings this is the most useful eq you'll ever use.
  • Kirchoff filter

    by Waldo
    I have all these types of filters in the world. Kirchoff is undoubtedly the best filter that exists so far in the vast constellation of all filters. What can I say, it is friendly, fast at work, clear, unambiguous and has excellent algorithms.

    by Withajay
    I have been with Plugin-Alliance for almost two years now and I couldn't be happier! These plugins are amazing AND are always added to my bundle when they are released. Thank you Brainworx!
    I love this EQ because it's so wonderfully precise for when you really need to find that exact frequency that needs cutting BUT ALSO allows amazing control over the Q and slope of the cuts. Best EQ I have seen for this purpose. Kick ass!
  • This is the engineer's best friend!

    by Antiverse
    While Kirchhoff-EQ seems to "mimic" many aspects of Fabfilter's Pro-Q product line, the GUI is the least of my concerns regarding my switch from the Pro-Q 3 to Kirchhoff-EQ. Both seems to be close to equal, but Kirchhoff-EQ swiftly became my daily go-to toolset not only for the usual musical and surgical needs, but also the astoundingly featured dynamic EQ section! This is an absolute killer EQ!
  • Best EQ on the market

    by sobrinN
    It really is the best eq in the market right now! It has every feature we look for in a eq and it's low on cpu. I love it, please keep it updated always!
  • Awesome

    by CLNyc
    I love this EQ. Adding compression and expansion to each band is super helpful and easy. Great that the UI is sizeable. One of the best plugins I purchased in a while!
  • Spectacularly good!

    by Ken W.
    I didn't think there was a EQ that could trade blows with E******rium and ***-Q . I was wrong!
    This thing has a very swift and pleasant workflow, it's very easy to make fine tuning, and make the changes that you desire and need.