Customer Reviews

  • Replaced Pro-Q³ for me

    by FMN
    but please don't take too much longer to fix the numerical display of the output gain (in v.1.60).
    This bug is a bit concerning because the knob and the display seem to clash and I'd hate to see older projects not recalling the right setting anymore once the fixed update is out.
    Bug was not present in v1.51 of ThreeBodyTech's original.
  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    by Mitt
    As a client of your mix and master subscription, I have been extreemly satisfied with the different options of EQ processors implemented in the plan. The Tomo and others are great sounding tools that I have used for both mixing and mastering.
    In comparison, I have also used the Pro-Q for many a mix. Every plugin PA gives you for an EQ offers a different objective with different results.
    However, the Kirchhoff sounds incredible! It's functions and options exceed the Pro-Q ( they are laid out in a very similar manner ) and in my opinion, this is the best software EQ I have ever used.
    From using it on individual tracks, to the mix buss and mastering; the Kirchhoff offers possibly everything you would need to create professional sounding results.
    Highly recommended....
  • Kirchhoff EQ

    by BVT
    The Very Best All Around Static and Dynamic EQ on the market today, bar none . . . A Desert Island EQ, for real . . . High Learning Curve, and Very High Results . . . A Must Have in my audio toolbox !
  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Our Mentor reviewed this plugin a few months ago, before it went into the pool of PA, the results were and are so impressive, that I can use my $ 200 voucher well and get this as my own plugin. And I only buy what is a good product, like the Lindell stuff. Wish I could give more stars.
  • Three-Body Technology-Kirchhoff-EQ

    by PMT Studio
    After a few hours, I realised it would start living in my daw with a place of honour, great plugin thanks for the awesome work!
  • equalizer

    by naga_bone
    Amazing EQ, The features in it make many equalizer settings possible, including vintage characters and panning left and right for the frequency we choose. in my opinion this is the best equalizer at the moment. thanks Plugin Alliance.
  • Kirchhoff-EQ The best

    by Top Plugins
    Waouuuuuu, my plugin before this one Neutron EQ, but after having tried this one, impossible to use another one.. Thank you plugin alliance, I did not know this one before. I was thinking no later than 2 weeks, how come you didn't have an EQ in the style of Fabfilter's Pro EQ, well, I just had to think about it and that's it. Finally it's not like the Pro EQ, it's well above the PRO EQ, Thank you so much.
    With this EQ you can get many curves from many very good analog EQs. high pass and low pass 0db to 96 db. Many filters, including tilt flat and tilt shelf, can do crazy automation with this's also the best dynamic EQ. Everything can be possible with this equalizer. You don't want to mess around with lots of EQ plugins, this one will do the job.
    You can easily learn how the filters of the different best EQs work.
    Super musical EQ, thank you Three-Body Technology and Plugin alliance.
  • One EQ To Rule Them All.

    by Gerit
    There's no doubt that this EQ is amazing. It sounds absolutely awesome on everything! I love the dynamic EQ and the advance control it offers. The vintage style curves along with the vintage knobs is a nice touch! If I could only have one EQ, this would be it. Thank you PA for this release! Bravo!!!
  • Really Impressed

    by bd
    Great Interface, does everything I want from a modern EQ. Wonderful Dynamics controls.
  • My dream mastering (dynamic) EQ

    by Adelian
    I used the beta version before its official release. This EQ is KILLER and a complete solution for mastering. Sounds totally awesome whatever you need to EQ, mixing or mastering. The best part of it is that I'm able to obtain great results very quickly, and easily... But when I want to go deep, this thing has more to offer than I dreamed of..!
    I do not want to buy neither pro-Q3 nor pro-MB anymore... Thank you Three-Body Technology ! Thank you Plugin Alliance !