Customer Reviews

  • Kirchoff filter

    by Waldo
    I have all these types of filters in the world. Kirchoff is undoubtedly the best filter that exists so far in the vast constellation of all filters. What can I say, it is friendly, fast at work, clear, unambiguous and has excellent algorithms.

    by Withajay
    I have been with Plugin-Alliance for almost two years now and I couldn't be happier! These plugins are amazing AND are always added to my bundle when they are released. Thank you Brainworx!
    I love this EQ because it's so wonderfully precise for when you really need to find that exact frequency that needs cutting BUT ALSO allows amazing control over the Q and slope of the cuts. Best EQ I have seen for this purpose. Kick ass!
  • This is the engineer's best friend!

    by Antiverse
    While Kirchhoff-EQ seems to "mimic" many aspects of Fabfilter's Pro-Q product line, the GUI is the least of my concerns regarding my switch from the Pro-Q 3 to Kirchhoff-EQ. Both seems to be close to equal, but Kirchhoff-EQ swiftly became my daily go-to toolset not only for the usual musical and surgical needs, but also the astoundingly featured dynamic EQ section! This is an absolute killer EQ!
  • Best EQ on the market

    by sobrinN
    It really is the best eq in the market right now! It has every feature we look for in a eq and it's low on cpu. I love it, please keep it updated always!
  • Awesome

    by CLNyc
    I love this EQ. Adding compression and expansion to each band is super helpful and easy. Great that the UI is sizeable. One of the best plugins I purchased in a while!
  • Spectacularly good!

    by Ken W.
    I didn't think there was a EQ that could trade blows with E******rium and ***-Q . I was wrong!
    This thing has a very swift and pleasant workflow, it's very easy to make fine tuning, and make the changes that you desire and need.
  • Amazing EQ

    by Defying Silence
    This EQ is simply amazing the more I have been messing with it in a new mixdown. I loved Fabfilter Pro Q 2 which is a great EQ, but now it is permanently retired. The Kirchhoff EQ allows so much dynamic control to suppress trouble frequencies that I would normally use level automation for each track, but now this EQ will save me so much time. I bought the all bundle but I can say from experience Kirchhoff is worth every single penny of it's price tag. It is a must have for any serious recording artist or producer. I must really say thank you to Plugin Alliance for including such an incredible product in the All Bundle.
  • Replaced Pro-Q³ for me

    by FMN
    but please don't take too much longer to fix the numerical display of the output gain (in v.1.60).
    This bug is a bit concerning because the knob and the display seem to clash and I'd hate to see older projects not recalling the right setting anymore once the fixed update is out.
    Bug was not present in v1.51 of ThreeBodyTech's original.
  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    by Mitt
    As a client of your mix and master subscription, I have been extreemly satisfied with the different options of EQ processors implemented in the plan. The Tomo and others are great sounding tools that I have used for both mixing and mastering.
    In comparison, I have also used the Pro-Q for many a mix. Every plugin PA gives you for an EQ offers a different objective with different results.
    However, the Kirchhoff sounds incredible! It's functions and options exceed the Pro-Q ( they are laid out in a very similar manner ) and in my opinion, this is the best software EQ I have ever used.
    From using it on individual tracks, to the mix buss and mastering; the Kirchhoff offers possibly everything you would need to create professional sounding results.
    Highly recommended....
  • Kirchhoff EQ

    by BVT
    The Very Best All Around Static and Dynamic EQ on the market today, bar none . . . A Desert Island EQ, for real . . . High Learning Curve, and Very High Results . . . A Must Have in my audio toolbox !