Customer Reviews

  • The Oven

    by MFS
    This is a weapon! Im using this on all my productions now, i love it, thanks plugin alliance.
  • restore life...

    by Synthitize
    this plug in has a "magical" effect. On old studio mixes, it has allowed a significant improvement in sound and rendering. It has a rather particular treatment and it would take several plugins and hours of adjustments to have a similar effect...
  • Just like Grandma's cup cakes

    by Deciphered Audio
    Just find somewhere to put it and it takes care of the rest
  • Best saturator in the market

    by Lox72
    I have a thing for saturation and I think I have almost every saturation plugin in the market. The Oven is, hands down, the most beautiful color box I own, I use it almost on every mix/master. I don't know if the hardware sounds better, but I really don't care. This plugin rocks.
  • A "different" saturator

    by Flanger68
    I am expanding my collection of saturation devices lately, and getting to really know them in their different sound i gave a try to The Oven....and, I must say...this one is "different" from all the other ones i have!
    In general, it is very subtle. Subtle, but with something very unique in it. It has many many knobs and switches, and i confess my ears aren't probably "refined enough" to be able to catch what some of the really do.
    But it is indeed special, and it is able to give life and "gentle thickness" to many instruments; most effective, in my experience, on vocals, acoustic guitars, and drums; also on piano and other acoustic sounds.
    I was baffled initially at how the various controls are named "Temp", "Cook", "Electric/Gas" etc....but with getting more into the exploration, i realized that these names are chosen so that you can't relate to what exactly they do or affect...and hence you have to explore with your ears, and make comparison....and you gradually get to the sound that best enhances the instrument you apply it it trains your ears and your brain this way.
    Also, as i am trying to assess what each of my many saturators do, i apply most of them to a channel, and then set each one individually, and then go through each of them, and compare how the sound is modified.
    This is the best way to assess The Oven....i realized it adds a type of gentle saturation that none of my other saturators can produce.
    Also, by comparing The Oven to the other saturators, i got to perceive how it makes the sound "tridimensional"...with The Oven, i can perceive how the sound gets a hologram-like's difficult to explain it in words, but it is really unique, how an initial sound gets to have so many "tridimensional expansion" going thru The Oven....this is what i find most unique.
    Try to do the same comparison...
    All in all, i am very happy i gave it a go, it is now part of all my mixes, hand down!
  • Wow Put It in The Oven

    by Johnnyspys
    I was incredibly skeptical. Another voodoo boutique box of magic beans. Wow I was so wrong. I know use this on so many busses because it just makes almost everything so better. Think of it as a spice not a cure all but boy do I did the spice.
  • Everybody loves it!!

    by George G
    How can you not love it? It's an arsenal on its own!! Simply must have!! And be sure to check the presets, it needs some digging into before you can use it to its full.
  • My favourite plugin

    by spiritvegetable
    I own almost all the PA stuff, and this has immediately become my all time favourite plugin. In my mixing and mastering work I rely quite a bit on saturation to give tracks character, depth, size, density, and also where to place focus (lower girth, mid presence, upper clarity/brightness etc). The more ways in which I can shape/transform/place my audio in a single plugin the better, especially when mastering. The Oven delivers the subtle tweakability I'm looking for in spades and as well as delivering exceptional analog character. I'm in love!
  • The OVEN

    by Rosta Foret
    I bought the plugin yesterday and immediately tried, both during the mastering and on the track or bus acoustic guitars. Great, the sound turned on, more conveniently as I imagined, the band was surprised what I dreamed of the recording. I use Presonus Studio One v.6 Proff, but I have only put the plugins from P.A .. For me it is amazing to work like this. Thanks. RF Czech Republic, Europe.
  • Cooking in Texas

    by TX_Rattlesnake
    I didn't believe the hype... I put it on my mix bus and automatically it breathed new life into the music. I am very impressed with this plug-in. Another huge win for Plugin Alliance!