Customer Reviews

  • Surprisingly flexible

    by wrathofmaitreya
    I bought this just for use on my Bass guitar channel but there's alot to play around with and you can find really nice textures on alot of other instruments, loads of presets as bases to work from.
  • A promising name

    by Alex Hepting
    A swiss knife for low end magic, if not mixed already properly, bass mint could lift headspace and dynamics pretty much and for that accommodation of more space bring in back more punch. Just missing the intensity deal very famous to the zip compressor which is a real threat to kicks already, to bass it could be as well. If the combined with different modes from zip like quiteness, tonality and noise would give another audio weapon maybe.
  • Bass mint

    by M.O.M
    A “MUST HAVE” for low end
  • Bass-Mint

    by Wow Low End
    I fine plugin! Opens up a lot of possibilities for samples, kicks, bass and anything low end
  • Brilliant on the busses

    by Whtrz
    I already have a few bass-enhancing plugins but this really shines on the drum buss. Adding saturation to the lows while filtering out boxiness at 400hz - in a few swift knob turns you can drastically improve the sound of a sampled drum channel that sounds a bit lackluster or boxy.
  • Excellent Enhancement

    by Diarm
    Bass Mint takes a bit of time to get your head around but is an excellent tool to have. If you want to fatten a sound or add excitement in the mid-range this can be a much better alternative to simple EQ adjustment.
    There is excellent reasoning behind the engineering of this plugin and I highly recommend it.
  • bass sculptor on roids

    by mav
    Its really not doing it justice with the photos. My biggest surprise with this plugin was how much I liked its visual feedback with my adjustments. Rather then me give a long ass explanation just watch a vid of it and in action above, its great, doing many little tricks at once. and OBVS it sounds great, really clean an sharp as everything on here
  • Bass mint

    by element4audio
    Excelent, a very useful tool. Simple and effective, sound impresive, one of the best plugin in this company, congrat
  • Bass-Mint is a nice one…

    by frank brunier
    I downloaded the demo while working on voice overs for a tv episode, where one female speaker in particular was WAY too thin (her voice actually. nothing there from 120Hz on downwards, except for plopping and overly hard Ts… I don't know how she did it…).
    I ran izotope's RX de-plosive and high-passed her voice to clean things up, and then used Bass-Mint to give her at least SOME bottom end, so her voice could compete with the male speakers… works like a charm!
    … and I almost ended up running everything through it, because it's just so much fun to make things go BOOM : ).
  • To My Surprise

    by Pharaoh LawLess
    WOW! And I don't use this plugin as intended BUT because I use the Isovox2 to record my vocals in a noisy NYC apartment I need to EQ out a lot of the lower frequencies that the Isovox2 creates. I've use plugin after plugin to try and find the best one to fix that bass build up and when this plugin came out I gave it a shot. WOW! This is the BEST plugin to fix that bass build up by using it in a way to cut the bass. I created a preset and saved it. Now this plugin is on EVERY vocal buss and track! Thank y'all for this 1! Blessings!