Customer Reviews

  • bass sculptor on roids

    by mav
    Its really not doing it justice with the photos. My biggest surprise with this plugin was how much I liked its visual feedback with my adjustments. Rather then me give a long ass explanation just watch a vid of it and in action above, its great, doing many little tricks at once. and OBVS it sounds great, really clean an sharp as everything on here
  • Bass mint

    by element4audio
    Excelent, a very useful tool. Simple and effective, sound impresive, one of the best plugin in this company, congrat
  • Bass-Mint is a nice one…

    by frank brunier
    I downloaded the demo while working on voice overs for a tv episode, where one female speaker in particular was WAY too thin (her voice actually. nothing there from 120Hz on downwards, except for plopping and overly hard Ts… I don't know how she did it…).
    I ran izotope's RX de-plosive and high-passed her voice to clean things up, and then used Bass-Mint to give her at least SOME bottom end, so her voice could compete with the male speakers… works like a charm!
    … and I almost ended up running everything through it, because it's just so much fun to make things go BOOM : ).
  • To My Surprise

    by Pharaoh LawLess
    WOW! And I don't use this plugin as intended BUT because I use the Isovox2 to record my vocals in a noisy NYC apartment I need to EQ out a lot of the lower frequencies that the Isovox2 creates. I've use plugin after plugin to try and find the best one to fix that bass build up and when this plugin came out I gave it a shot. WOW! This is the BEST plugin to fix that bass build up by using it in a way to cut the bass. I created a preset and saved it. Now this plugin is on EVERY vocal buss and track! Thank y'all for this 1! Blessings!
  • move the 5 knobs to find mix problems

    by apaivab
    Guys, open this swiss-knife on the master track, just move the 5 knobs, the problems on the low end of your mix will become uber clear instantly. The best part: use this same plugin to fix them. Boom!
  • Problem Free Low End Emphasis

    by Geoff Waldron
    Bass-Mint has allowed me to add low end to my mixes without the usual speaker rattling, distortion and dynamic range theft that boosting EQ, band compression or synthesis usually imparts. Not only that, but the layout allows one to perform this task very quickly and with confidence. The clarity knob in itself is a game changer. I am blown away.
  • Plugin Maravilhoso

    by Arthur
    Esse plugin é sensacional! Ele traz uma presença gigante para a parte grave, seja em basslines ou kicks. Estou usando praticamente em todas as minhas basslines, pois além da presença a mais na área grave/sub grave, ele ajuda a tirar o rumble, e também a lama do som, fazendo que a bassline fique ainda melhor. Nos Kicks também foi muito bom de usá-lo, pois ele trouxe um som mais macio e arredondado além de deixa-lo batendo bem forte. Simplesmente magnífico
  • Bass-Mint on Drums?

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    Bass-Mint will bring clarity and punch on the bass track in your mix to a new level with ease! Very intuitive to use and works. I found some of my favorite uses for Bass-Mint were for snare and kick drum tracks. BIG improvement!! I'm very impressed with it!!
  • Bass Swiss-army tool

    Bassmint can make the floor rattle, or avoiding it.
    It can shape those frequencies, enhance, distort, cut, boost, all with different flavors.
    Super simple to use, cpu-friendly, stable
    And fun to use as the various options can be surprisingly good and creative
    Highly recommended
  • More useful than you think

    by lurojas
    At first glace you might think this is for adding low end. It's so much more useful than that. I have been using on snare drums that are tuned way too tight, and the need more punch and depth. Bass Mint is such a great tool for that! Don't be afraid to experiment with this one. As with all Unfiltered products.....the possibilities are endless!!!