Customer Reviews

  • yup

    by riley
    Everything unfiltered audio make is well thought out and sounds good. You can go really really wild with this one and create completely destroyed stuff.
    Great interface, only thing i would ask for is a way to control the level of the analysis separate from the output of the plugin, as I'm often using only a tiny bit blended in.
  • Dent 2

    by UB
    Perfect tool to get crazy sounds out of it!
    I use it in bass-lines, drums and pads, never get tired of it. The modulator add that organic character to the signal.
  • Dent2

    by OSAR
    Unfiltered Audio is really making some great plugins and this is no exception.
  • Dent 2

    by GV
    A very unique sounding, and very adjustable distortion/saturation. I tried other plug-ins on a Metal vocal and nothing seemed to work, but Dent 2 made it sound just right. Very flexible, and a great tool that just makes things sound better/fatter.
  • Creative

    by Control Freak
    There are subtle saturation plugins and then there's Dent 2. This gives you control over things that aren't supposed to sound good yet they still do. If creative distortion is what you want then this is irreplaceable.
  • Dent 2

    by j tayo
    There was Dent 1 now Dent two has come along and blown it out the reckoning,Great for sound Design, i really like on drums.
  • Indent 2

    by Ron
    I just purchased this really amazing plugin and have used it on several tracks already! It's really amazing on organ! I'm in the middle of a 4-song EP with Band of Dust and they were floored at how much better the organ tracks sounded with it! It's so versatile I haven't even began using all it's capabilities! LOVE IT!!
  • Palatable roughage

    by Levendis
    Flexible modulation system that provides movement of any shape and travel distance of parameters. Unfiltered Audio plugins invite experimentation, with that inclusion. Dent 2 distorts heavily with opportunity to tame the product of the processes. i love the probability sequencer, how it makes pitted audio.
  • Super Creative Tool

    by Blades
    I am very impressed with the creativity Dent 2 brings to the mix. With a modern and intuitive interface, Dent 2 is easy to get around in and explore impressive sonic manipulations. I find it fun to put it on a rather common sounding instrument and see what I can turn it into. Sometimes maybe just add a little movement, sometimes create a whole new vibe to the track. I have other distortion plugs, but Dent 2 is unique, feature packed and very cool.
  • Oddy sounds have some place too!

    by Maniou
    This plugin has some dent to it!