Customer Reviews

  • Producer

    by Kyiv
    Just one touch and lifeless material has a character, or harsh digital sound - warm analog tone. Then you can play with modulations a whole day.
    More complex, than saturator. Much deeper, then FX processor. Great plugin!
  • Nice

    by Konstantinos
    It's easy plugin and good job plugin alliance...thanks!!
  • dented

    by ggg
    Great sound, great presets, great flexibility. A+ !
  • Beautiful

    by Ete Kurttekin
    Dent 2 produces sounds you wouldn't dream of coming from a distortion unit. It will most likely surprise and convince you to get it in about 3 presets.
    Me? For me it took just 2.
    Since then I'm using it in everything I write.
  • Dent2

    by Bozetto
    The fantastic Dent just got better! More features, easier handling and just the craziest Sound possibilities you can (or rather can't) imagine!
    For this price tag it should not be a question of whether or no, but more like now or later!
    For all my distortion needs( of witch the're many) this is my go to plugin!
  • Best

    by Chris Bernhardt
    It males your Sound Design unique - exelent
  • Amazing

    by tobyto
    The question is : how was it before I've been using this fabulous plugin in every project I make ? Don't remember at all.
  • Dent 2

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Dent 2

    by Scotty
    This is an endlessly fascinating plugin. Try it anywhere you might want some saturation and grit and say hello to your new sonic playground.
  • Dent

    by Aron
    I have to admit that when I first got this plugin, I was very sceptical. However, since playing with it I have been blown away. Wow this thing really is a sound designers toolbox!