Customer Reviews

  • Versatile

    by DJ Variant
    From light saturation to complete sonic destruction this little guy does it all!!
  • Very versatile...

    by Niels Dettenbach
    A very versatile, very flexible mangeling tool for sat/dist - "harshening" and "smothening", " mangeling" on waveform / freq shape level.
    Very helpful on electronic drums / synth as on creative mangeling of drums and other instruments - vocals work too - with a analog flavour.
    It brings nearly any source track cutting trough a dense mix.
    The modulation could deliver musical movement to electro stuff (sample seq., arps, loops etc.).
    Strongly recommend to take the time to learn the mod matrix usage. Presets are nice as starting points, but really learning to use the plug is rewarding.
  • Dent 2: Aural-Assault-System

    by corrosiveabuser
    Like molten-metal spitting in my ears, I love these plugins.
    Dent and Indent have always been superb for creating modern, distinctive tones and gated transient effects, anyone into dark, heavy electronica should have these in their arsenal.
    Dent 2 takes the concept further, and the enhanced features make it a must have. The shear number of patchable modulation sources, distortion algorithms and tweakable parameters not only make this plugin unique, but also an infinite source of excitement. *****
  • Modern Music Must-Have

    by JoDell Playmaker
    Dent 2 is quite the sound shaping tool. Throw it on a dull kick drum and watch it become aggressive and bold. On a snare drum, it is very quick to bring out the presence which allows you to bring the fader back and still have it poke through the mix. This is also a great tool for bringing attention to a groovy bassline. It is simple to use, yet allows you to go deep when you are ready. Don't sleep on this.
  • Dent 2 : from lo-fi to sci-fi

    by Nico@SunnySideInc
    Dent 2 is humble in its name, because a dent causes some disruption in a form or shape, but it is a distortion battlestation : for saturation, lofi, distortion, clipping it can politely shave off edges or butcher the sound beyond recognition.
    What sets Dent 2 further apart from the rest is its modulation capabilities, like a semi-modular synth, which creates living and breathing forms of disto/saturation/clipping/waveshaping/lofi, sending sounds into outer space.
    The depth of this plugin is huge, and the various well crafted presets can help showing what it is capable of.
  • Like no other

    by MixedbyMe
    Dent 2 is the follow up to the original groundbreaking audio mangling plugin
    If you can destroy parts of the audio in a pleasing way then your mix will take on a whole new lease of life that quite frankly no other plugin will do to these extremes and yet subtleties if desired
    One mans gain is another's distortion
    Try it you will wonder how you ever crushed clipped and distorted without it.