Customer Reviews

  • very good for dialogue !

    by Daniel Petre
    This gate is very good for dialogue (much better than Gatey Watey) !
  • DynGate

    by BluelagoonStudios
    With a gate you cannot much harm, only I think the G8 isn't very CPU friendly, especially with the look ahead feature on, That's why the 4 stars. Had a classic project that was very noisy, had to gate the full 75 channels. I had to change the G8 on the busses, instead of each track. But the rest of the features are great. It knocked out my stock gate, provided with Reaper. Says enough.
  • G8

    by Oli-W
    This is an excellent gate with huge flexibility. It can take a tiny bit longer to set up than a really simple gate, but the results are significantly better. Worth saving settings as presets for kick/Snr/toms. I would’ve liked the sidechain filter to have a bit more than a HPF and LPF (like a one-band boost) but otherwise it has everything you could want in a gate!
  • Unfiltered Audio G8

    by Jonas Warnehed
    The G8-way to heavenly sound!
  • G8d Community

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    G8 for president!!!
  • G8 Dynamic Gate

    by OSAR
    This is such an amazing tool! I'm writing music that I never intended to with the G8!
  • Excellent!

    by JTM
    Innovative and intuitive! This is a unique Gate that can be used for a range of different applications: from Sound Design to Mixing and beyond. It is a sleek and modern interpretation on a classic tool, and an indispensable addition to the toolkit
  • Secret Weapon

    by OockK
    It’s really hard to get excited about a gate plugin.
    But, G8 is amazing, and it will be my secret weapon.
  • Shut the G8, M8!

    by Slipperman(Tim Gilles)
    Nothing glamorous about a noise gate right? Until you need one! This simple to use, inexpensive, smartly designed and executed gate, just plain WORKS. I've been using gates in mixes since the Valley People Gatex days. That's before a lot of you were probably born. Traditionally a "give up to get" relationship in any practical sense. WHAT you "gave up" rarely a completely comfortable trade for what went the way of the Dodo bird in the undertaking. Even in the gloriously improved digital gate world this has been an ongoing conundrum which finds me stripping silence, trimming regions, automating plug in's, and spending a whole lot of TIME cleaning up audio tracks for a countless number of audio production tasks... Which is what you're looking to AVOID doing by using a gate in the first place, right? It's all about getting quick and accurate performance results, WITHOUT returning to the task repeatedly to make adjustments and amendments as mixes develop. Simply stated: This thing is BRILLIANT. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Most highly recommended.
  • Unfiltered Audio G8

    by Mr Floyd
    Great for controlling transients on hits an loops. Very smooth sound on the tails when gating kicks. A wise alternative to the stock gate in Logic Pro X, which I find suffers from pops and clicks on fast settings, none of that here. Easy to use too.