Customer Reviews

  • unqualified to speak but...

    by mancalledclay
    i'll safely say this is much more than a gate...or more than any gate i'm familiar with. with it's nearly-infinite routing-possibilities you can really mangle/destroy something with this....thank goodness for it's numerous presets, many of which clearly demonstrate that this is not a basic-utility vehicle but clearly a beast. of course i like to bring things down SOME notches into a more quaint domain....adding clarity or flavor without completely reappropriating it's genetic-makeup. so far my favorite use has been to throw it (with a fairly simple setting) into a return track in ableton and send no signal to it which gave the track a very subtle rhtyhmic-modulation across the entire mix...which was all the thing needed for me to be done with it. as with all PA devices this is top-notch....enough so that i no longer let the interface bother me. not at ALL.
  • G8

    by Musician B.
    Love it !!!!!!!!!
  • Unbelievable functionality!

    by Vlad23
    Yes, it's a gate, but.. Do you wanna replace kick in the drums track using external midi-sampler?
    May be you want to add vibrato to all long flute notes?
    G8 is amazing tool!
  • G8

    by Alex Hepting
    I noticed the vst 3 version of this plugin turns off the metering by default. I changed back to vst 2 64 bit on unfilterd plugins for compatibility. This gate is packed with complex features which are accessible in advanced mode. Having visual control over peaks returns confidence in mixing. It makes it easier to find the sweetspot of an audio source. Midi in and out and sidechain makes almost infinite routing possibilities.
  • G8

    by Ta
    If you work with drum loops, get G8
    If your sick of all the noise, get G8
    If you like to make everything percussive, get G8.
    This is a frickin Swiss Army knife!

    by Brainworx bx_console N
    Essential for music gating effects and sound fx. Love this plugin. Thank you this is awesome.
  • Unfiltered Audio G8

    by tomb
    This is a good gate and would probably be a great gate is it was a little easier to wrap your head around the controls. It seemed that the versatility of this unit was overshadowed by the complexity of the controls. It could also be that I just wanted a basic gate and this is way more than that. When I did figure it out it performed very well. Sometimes you just want a unit where you set the threshold and adjust the release and you're good to go...this is not one of those units.
  • Great plugin

    by Yardsoul
    This a a great production tool. I use it in my future bass tracks for side- chain effect. Awesome purchase
  • Unique

    by Ahmed Boareki
    a gate is a gate , but this gate is more than just a gate it takes you beyond what a normal gate could do. It is easy to get a snap and mix it with the original signal using a parallel processing, and I love the side chain feature. It became a most have plugin to complete my mixes.
    I wish they can make something similar but to target a specific frequency.
  • Great gate tool with huge creative capabilities

    by C. Decker
    I’ve never seen a gate like this before … what a nice and nifty plugin! Go try it out and I guess you’ll enjoy it.
    Nevertheless the plugin would benefit from some improvements:
    - Though the MIDI in/out functionality already allows creating any kind of triggers, adding a host note sync option for all time based values would extend the tools’ potential further in my eyes
    - In addition when in cycling mode it would be great to have the option for syncing the initial gate value with the host as well (like an LFO re-trigger)
    - Finally it would be nice if the gate meter bar could be disabled separately from the analyzer … as the contrasty blink really makes me nervous