Customer Reviews

  • Unfiltered Audio G8

    by Rbn

    Magnificent, flexible and an essential tool for multi tracks channels.
    Ruben Nievas
    Sound Design & Synth Programmer
  • UA G8

    by Schoeps where are you
    A Gate with probably more functions than I'll ever need.
  • a bit of a different gate

    by Ones & Zeros
    Creative gate, love it. dig the 'reject' feature. So easy to use in Live, but haven't found a way to use this feature in Cubase yet though. or else it'd be a 5 star for sure.
  • G8

    by R-MEX
    This is a pretty impressive and easy to use gate. I also have Boz Digital Labs Gatey Watey so I hesitated before going for G8 but as I was able to get it via one of Plugin Alliance's excellent 'valued member' special offers it was really a 'no brainier' and the functions of G8 are more extensive. I have not used it too much yet so this review is a bit short on detail I'm afraid. My philosophy about owning several plugins that do similar things is that by contrast I learn how best to use each individual one and understanding what they do becomes clearer. You can't really have too many plugins and there will always come a time when you find a unique use for what you have. I have been so pleased with all of the Plugin Alliance products that I have bought that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as they maintain a consistently high standard and you really can't go wrong.
  • G8

    by Secret Motion
    Fantastic on drums and I really enjoy the sidechain feature.
  • G8 Advanced Gating

    by Roberto R.
    Very useful and nice sounding tool, the combination of the hysteresis function and the dry/wet knob gives possibility to achieve very smooth and transparent gating:
    I'm not giving full five stars (I actually would give 4.5/5) just because the side chain function is not accessible within Ableton if you're using the AU version of the plugin: I hope this will be implemented in the next upgrades!
  • G8

    by DukeTt
    Awesome sound quality and very versatile plugin.
    Side chain functionality is well implemented useable on any sound source inspirational results every time .
    Graphics and visual feedback welcome feature.
    Not just a simple gate but an all rounder --- gr8 g8!!
  • Dynamic

    by Alain Gaston
    This is not just a Gate plugin and I have found a lot of gaming with it. Unique sounds to use your infinite imagination. Very good
  • No hate 4 G8

    by DMGJ
    Although, there is no shortage of gate plugins, G8 will find its way into every modern mix.
    External sidechain is always welcome and Flip option can produce interesting results. At this price, I'd recommend it to everyone.
  • unqualified to speak but...

    by mancalledclay
    i'll safely say this is much more than a gate...or more than any gate i'm familiar with. with it's nearly-infinite routing-possibilities you can really mangle/destroy something with this....thank goodness for it's numerous presets, many of which clearly demonstrate that this is not a basic-utility vehicle but clearly a beast. of course i like to bring things down SOME notches into a more quaint domain....adding clarity or flavor without completely reappropriating it's genetic-makeup. so far my favorite use has been to throw it (with a fairly simple setting) into a return track in ableton and send no signal to it which gave the track a very subtle rhtyhmic-modulation across the entire mix...which was all the thing needed for me to be done with it. as with all PA devices this is top-notch....enough so that i no longer let the interface bother me. not at ALL.