Customer Reviews

  • Indent 2

    by Synth Street
    For some reason i was avoiding the Unfiltered Audio plugins, Not anymore....
    This thing sounds awesome, really love this for adding some life and dirt to clean sounds.
    CPU hit also low and even likes playing together with Reason (11)
    I give maximum rating also because of the price and what you get for that. Epic stuff.
  • Unique Product

    by violencer
    It took me 2 years to realise that this is the best multi-purpose plugin on the market.
    This device is simple but powerful.
    Huge thanks to developers.
  • love it

    by riley
    I use it as a modulating filter and a quick distortion tool.
    I also have Dent and I find I use both. Indent can be a little easier to use for getting quick sounds and seems to have lower CPU usage. I guess because it has one less distortion stage?
    For people who say all other unfiltered audio plugins have been rendered useless by Byome, I disagree. It may have most of the features of their other plugins but CPU usage and interface simplicity are super important for workflow. A lot of thought went into all unfiltered's plugins and it shows.
    Also as one of the most affordable Plugin Alliance plugin, this is the first one I bought. I still really really hope Dent and Indent will one day include the ability to trigger the envelope follower modulator from an external side-chain source. I already use them on every mix but would use them both more if that were possible.
  • LOVE

    by Mixmash
    LOVE this plug. I can change the complexion of a production with just this plug. The distortion sounds so good when i want it, and what the plug does is magic
  • great fuzz box

    by stringtheory
    another one in my live GigPerformer chain, for all kinds of interesting and different distortion tones. i like my tone to sound a little different than the classic guitar effects, which i love but which are relatively commonplace these days. this one helps!
  • Indent 2

    by OSAR
    Cool plugin like all of the Unfiltered Audio products. Difficult to use and understand how to use it musically. This will take some time to learn.
  • Indent 2

    by j tayo
    Unfiltered Audio Indent 2 ,Same as all Unfiltered Audio plugs Fantastic!
  • Indent 2

    I love Indent i use it on Guitar tracks most of all , but you can use it on any track to make it more identifiable to your sound you are trying to achieve! -buy Indent 2 you wont regret it !! great Tool for your Tool Box !
  • Indent 2

    by Tim
    Been using this on synths and drum machines for techno, and it's fantastic, really does make all the different from subtle saturation to all out craziness.
  • Unfiltered Audio Indent 2

    by Sawtooth Syndicate
    Love the distortion this thing makes. Sounds fantastic for adding flavour to 808 style bass drums. The modulation options add even more depth and control to make this a great addition to anyone's plugin collection.