Customer Reviews

  • Really cool and unusual distortion plug.

    by In-Stereo
    I own a good amount of distortion/mangling plugs including Ohmicide and Saturn. They all have their place, and Indent 2 has earned one in my regular use. It sounds and is tweak able in different ways from the others, and the possibilities are endless. You can be crazy creative with this, and it rewards really learning it well and deeply. I would compare it more with Ohmicide (though it's totally unique) in that the sounds you can get are so very twisted and bizarre and unexpected. It has a sound of its own for sure, and using it very subtly can add some greatness as well.
  • Indent 2

    by Scotty
    Unfiltered Audio has delivered more ear candy than you would expect with this plugin. If you are interested in veering off the path this will reward your ears with unanticipated results. Highly recommended.
  • Indent

    by Aron
    This may be the little brother of Dent, but it should not be dismissed as it still packs some punch! The resonant filter can add some much needed interest for a static patch, and pushing the drive up on the clipping algorithms can really add mid range grit.
  • Indent 2

    by Instamental Man
    Another thinking outside the box product. This thing is fun. I'll just through this on what ever, play with it and see what happens. Sometime nothing sometimes pure gold.
  • Sick! In a good way...

    by James Mullen
    What can I say... this is unbelievable and needs to be experienced...
    It gives me sounds I haven't heard before!
  • Invaluable Mix Tool

    by saffs
    This is phenomenal plugin when you're looking to place something in a mix in a unique space, the combination of saturation with modulation works so well, and a part can just slot in the space . Also fantastic to liven up a part that you're liking and think it's going to work but it just dull and lacking in direction, Indent 2 just find the right slot of it, play with the presets then tweak!
    Amazing work, thank you!