Customer Reviews

  • Indent it

    by Dear DR
    I already had multi distortion options but I went ahead and picked up this one because of the versatility, it has many options and the patchable modulators
    Give you other dimensions of sound and effects , try it out with the 14 day free deal
    You’ll probably find it to be a unique way to put some filth in there and then some
  • Favorite

    by Control Freak
    So there is dent 2 and indent 2. Dent being the more fully featured version. I purchased this plugin because it was on sale and I also had a voucher. Well, it was easily one of the best saturation or modulation effect purchases I have ever made. My only complaint is that although if you buy indent 2 you get this for free with it there is no upgrade option to go from this plugin to indent 2. And let me tell you... I want indent 2 bad. However, don't for a second think that this plugin is a waste of time because you might as well buy indent instead because this plugin is amazing all on its own. It is ridiculously easy to use, has features you won't find anywhere else, and sounds amazing no matter what you do with It. This finds it's way into every single mix. Whether I need heavy effects or light character this does it all and at the same time gives you more options than you could ever hope for at this price point. I love absolutely everything PA does and Brainworx is unmatched in my opinion but this was my first plugin from unfiltered audio. And I have to say they are in a world all of their own. Easily the most creative plugin manufacturer I have ever seen all while being as effective and flexible as anything else you can name and still so easy to use that you will wonder if you've done enough. Keep up the good work.
  • Call me crazy!

    by MCCdusk
    I just bought it because it was on sale and somehow it got lost between my other saturation plugins. Just used it today and knocked my head against the wall. Indent is just fantastic! And it is so much more than just saturation. Call me crazy! If this great piece of software was human, I really had to apologize...
  • Great surprise

    by Tommy80
    Unexpectedly good and versatile! great plugin!
  • Highly versatile

    by Ete Kurttekin
    With 10 distortion modes on both input and output stages, this little beast has a mighty roar but it can also purr to your delight. Or it can go back and forth between the two!
  • Happy

    by Vas
    Better than My expectations.
  • I love this little beast

    by Chris Bernhardt
    Play around with it - and you Love it !
  • useful

    by JJBOT
    Efficient saturation with responsive modulation tools for top creative effects
  • Indent 2

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Indent 2

    by Bourian Boubbov
    Another huuuuge rabbit hole!
    I am just scratching the door to it and I am high! :D
    The modulations are amazing.
    I own a few modular fx plugins but Indent and all the other Unfiltered Audio plugins are an instant magic trip! If you've ever entertained the thought of creating ambient soundscapes, film fx, anything that is not "square" but evolving and aetherial, alive (!) then you owe it to yourself to give these little dudes a serious spin! ;)
    Disclaimer: Time DOES become a very abstract concept once you open Indent 2 and dive in...
    Please allow sufficient, ehm, time prior to any further arrangements during the day! :0P