Customer Reviews

  • Lion is great!!!

    by Russia
    Lion is damn good synth. It took me about 1 hour to turn up and down it's handels and wires and I decided to grab it! Really cool, fat, enormously inspiring an musical! Now it's one of my favourite vst-synth! Thanks for personal discount!
  • Lion is a beast

    by Krel
    This Plugin is a gamechanger of sound desing!

    by Chromatic Photophore
    This thing is absolutely incredible - a sound designer's dream. I simply cannot fathom all of the sounds I can make with this thing. I'm gonna be playing with this for the next several years and still be learning stuff. Unfiltered Audio made something magical with this epic beast of a plugin.
  • UA Lion

    by sjcongo
    I love synths... hardware or software but this blows my mind every time i need something totally different and this does the sounds that i dream dark and dirty digital power sounds
  • excellent

    by DJM
    I think it`s underrated. The dimensions for sound-designing are amazing and tremendous in combination with byome and triad. 5 of 5 stars! good work
  • Awesome

    by John
    This was my first soft synth and it took trying out a few dozen others to appreciate just how unique it is. The thing that stands out most to me is the sheer variety of sound you can get from just the oscillator section. The bitter, terrain, and ash mixing algorithms are totally unique as far as I can tell and make for a virtually endless variety of sounds. The modular effects section is very user friendly and fun to experiment with.
    The only complaint I can think of is that midi automation can be a bit of a hassle. You can automate any CC via the macro module, but you need to set up the automation thru your daw rather than the plug-in itself.
    Overall a great soft synth if you love to experiment and craft unique sounds.
  • Triad

    by Following Light
    This is a great gcombine , with many functions, great for creating tests , effects for games and movies ! That's what I need!
  • Loved it!

    by Alex
    It may lack some modulation stuff, and some faster times, but the sounds are incredible and the interface is so workflow friendly!
  • LION Midi-Learn?

    by Satie
    I like the concept. But I think there is no MIDI-Learn (nonMPE)!
  • Lion

    by Rob
    Really the only synth I use on a regular basis anymore. Capable of most sounds - if you can dream them up!