Customer Reviews

  • LION Midi-Learn?

    by Satie
    I like the concept. But I think there is no MIDI-Learn (nonMPE)!
  • Lion

    by Rob
    Really the only synth I use on a regular basis anymore. Capable of most sounds - if you can dream them up!
  • Lion

    by Paulo Fitazzo
    I loved the effect modules.
  • Lion

    by Jgatzbeats
    This is a heavy contender when it comes to sound design. Five deep in this synth and create unique powerful complexed sounds. I can’t stress enough that this plug-in has its own characteristics and soul. Go check this one out. Worth every penny
  • Lion: Queen and King of the jungle . . .

    by Ars. Nova. Strata . . .
    Unfiltered Audio has poured a timeless amount of love, magic, and esteemed attention to detail with LION. It's a fascinating exploratory trajectory through the phenomena of sound. For any genre, for any level of programming knowledge. It's for artists, learning, creating, and building upon the rich legacy in sound. There's a great deal of misconception about what it takes to create certain timbres, genres, and or styles of music. The fact is, is that the answer lives inside of you and with amazing tools such as LION, The World is your Oyster. Congratulations on an instrument well done. Thank you
    Clifton Cameron
    Pendulum Distinction
  • Fresh instrument

    by Mr. Fedor
    Lion is a tool for exploration, so I don't care about factory presets. BUT: there's too few filter types - standard lp hp bp deal, plus there's only ONE filter slot - that's not enough!
    When Lion was announced, I expected all Byome filters to be in the polyphonic section, but that never happened. So please, we need formant, comb, resonator bank and more.
    Would be also great to switch the fx section to fully polyphonic mode.
  • Very cool

    by Sandman Pro
    Love it!
    The Instrument itself can make insane sounds.
    If u know how to use it can reach to a proper modular.
    Kinda simple to find how it works but still complicate not to get bored of it.
  • Practical Synth

    by Alex Hepting
    The UI is not so overwhelming. I like the idea that you can see applied modulation. Waiting for wavetable feature if that's an option in future. Would be practical to switch fx racks and loading separate fx presets and seeing or adding modulator sources from a map view and generally accessing them faster than adding from the right plus button and everytime a simple lfo is loading. You can build pretty fast your own presets and the randomizer button is a great resource for sound designers. I have created already my own little preset pack: You can get for sure some cinematic, ambient and key sounds with that toy. Wishing more usability in future and some options accessing the modulators from a diffrent viewpoint, like a matrix view as example. The sound can be extended even further by adding triad as multiband or specops to mangle things up.
  • Lots of potential...but...

    by DigitalJogger
    I have to agree with doctorjaz on the initial set of presets. As of the initial release, the stock presets do not adequately reflect what this synth is capable of. A disappointment
    The potential is there to be sure. Unfortunately a few things need to be addressed right now. In no particular order...1) dragging connection wires across long lists of modules is, no pun intended, a drag. 2) I might be missing something, but it seems midi is not fully implemented. 3) And oh my, the presets are just bad. Thankfully Mr. Lehmkuhl's presets have provided a few decent starting points.
  • LIONize it? Hopefully!

    by robst247
    LION is definitely an original and highly versatile VSTi in some respects. As a proud owner of a LinnStrument 200, I'm delighted that LION fully supports MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) and that all five control dimensions [strike velocity, X (note pressure/aftertouch), Y (note timbre), Z (note bend), and release velocity] can be used to modulate numerous parameters.
    Unfortunately, as others have commented, many of the factory presets lack warmth and musicality: they tend to focus on fizzy and crackly noise in the upper reaches of the auditory spectrum that are quite harsh on the ears.
    I'll LIONize this new player on the VSTi scene when capable sound designers latch on and start releasing warmer and more musical presets to delight rather than zap the listener's "lug holes". ;-)
    The potential is definitely there, and the oscillator, shaping, moulding, modulation and FX options are well conceived, impressive and extensive.
    The UI looks fine, too, and is easy enough to navigate.
    VERDICT: 4 stars instead of 5 because of the underwhelming presets and general fizzyness.