Customer Reviews

  • Lion

    by doctorjaz
    Well , you read a lot of reviews from the professionals about Lion , so here from a hobbyist ( only ) .
    From the side of the presets I must say I am quite dissapointed ,
    just the same as with the Oberhausen synth . For me Lion is not the apex of synths and cannot compete with synths like Massive X , Omnisphere , Serum , Reaktor as a synth etc..
    Just because they have way better presets as a starting point .
    There might be many possibilities by incorporating BYOME ,
    but already having BYOME and Triad , this is nor really the point . I am sorry , but I can give Lion only 3 of 5 stars .
  • So Flexible

    by Nice Robots
    Wow. This thing is ridiculously potent. I can quickly dial in some beautiful pads and plucks, and they sound amazing, but then I can mangle them and modulate them beyond all recognition. The way the modulation works is very intuitive and crazy powerful. I have not had time to try everything yet, but the stand outs for me so far are the stereo oscillators and blend modes between the two. Very very interesting and above all, great fun. The developers have clearly put a lot of thought into this and it shows.
  • LION

    by Henky
    Great sounding synth! I got lost right away! I just wanted to tweak a couple of presets and suddenly 4 hours was gone... A welcome addition to the synth family.
  • Very sick synth

    by D Lawrence
    I don't know what it is about this thing but it is highly inspiring. Not at all a synth you already have. I highly recommend trying it. Wish I could show you what I made thus far with it. Seriously incredible sounding patches.
  • Lion a beast !!!

    by inforlk
    I will be the first to do this review. I can only say that this Synth is incredible. The possibilities of modulation are exceptional. The sound brings out textures that make it unique. More than 40 FX !!! Congratulations Unfiltered Audio, all your plugins deserve to be the kings of sound design...
  • Lion

    by Marc
    Reallly like the concept itˋs very complex and deep but the presets most of the them really hurt my ears...and at least sound very similar harsh sometimes internal clipping really not good.
    The Oversampling made the sound sometimes more worst check it with filter and high resonace strange artefacts happening.
  • Unique Synth

    by Tomavatars
    I made a few presets for Lion, and I can tell that it is a truly unique Synth.
    First, the oscillators has many algorithm that you wont find in other synths. There are original and can be modulated in many ways. Big + for the unisson mode and the stereo spread to make wide sounds.
    Second, the mixer is also very unique, with a few mixing algorithms that takes the sound in other dimensions. It can be very harsh as well as soft.
    You add some Byome effects and modulations in there, and you have one of the best synth on the market.