Customer Reviews

  • Extremely versatile multi-band processor

    by Agreed
    This is one of those plugins you find where its range of applications is limited less by what it theoretically could do than by your imagination. It is an extremely capable multi-band processor with excellent modulation capabilities, all syncable as you'd like (or not, if you prefer hz). You can route its processing bands in a number of different ways, and shuffle the bands as well to let you change which High/Mid/Low is getting which processing lane. The included effects allow for a tremendous amount of sound shaping per-band, essentially giving you a whole BYOME lane for each frequency band. It's extremely powerful.
    Because you can modulate the bands themselves in various ways, you can make a processing setup that has a ton of movement and texture. It's the kind of thing that pairs amazingly well with any synth, including the outstanding Knifonium or LION synths that Plugin Alliance publishes as well. LION has a fully featured BYOME effects section but TRIAD offers incredible amounts of additional flexibility thanks to the multi-band nature of it.
    I feel like this has been a creativity enabler for me that has made it possible to turn some truly weird ideas of how a sound can be processed into actually processing it like that for dramatic, unique results. Easy 5/5 for me.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and this detailed feedback. Enjoy your new tool!
  • Very versatile

    by Under A Mile
    I've used this to crisp up some drums that weren't cutting through on some recent tracks. It's great on bass to add amp like EQ/distortion. Great for manipulating tonal balance to get guitars to sit well in a mix. I like how you can chain fx in any of the 3 bands so that you can avoid muddying by honing delays into certain bands of the spectrum. It can also do some very creative things, I've only just begun to see what it can really do.
  • So cool

    by Dangerous Orange
    My favourite multiFX these days. I love how unpredictable it can be. Fun fun fun.
  • Processing Total Freedom & Madness

    by Elliott S.
    Even though i've used it in multiple projects now (either production or mixdown session), I haven't gone through half or even a quarter of the possibilities that offers TRIAD from Unfiltered Audio !
    By offering multiband processing with a modular ecosystem including dizains of various effects it is already crazy, add to this a collection of mods (LFO, ENV...) that you can connect to almost everything...
    Enough to spend the lockdown busy (and even a few lives hehe).
  • Suitable for many tasks

    by AmanteRecords
    TRIAD is just a joy to use. You need quick but surgical edit to your sounds? got it. Get creative with a boring loop? got it, create strange textures that flow on or off tempo? Got it.
    an indispensable tool for creative mixing.
  • Triad

    by 6Rev
    Crap ton of effects, you can get some seriously experimental stuff going. Wish there were a few more knobs on some of the reverbs, and more dial in on the distortions. You gotta try these granular effects.
  • This Plug!

    by The Pooh
    I am blown away at the versatility and design of this crazy plug! It's a joy to behold and to use...and oh so versatile and fun to use! Endless possibilities and creative goodness abound. Thank you.
  • Triad Kills!

    by jz3ro
    This plugin combined with any synth is just the best for creating delicious sonic mayhem. The open-ended modulation system for any effect knob combined with the massive number of available effects including granular is stunning. The multiband options allow applying different effects to each portion of the frequency spectrum. This plugin is truly GREAT. Only con is the constant horizontal scrolling. I'd prefer vertical like a web page... or a large canvas that I can Zoom In and Out on, rearrange things as I'd like...
  • Triad

    by element4audio
    One of my favorites plugins. A real serious tool for work, parallel and multiband process, if you have the knowledge, it is maybe the more powerful plugin on the market, really incredible
  • The master "sound-goodizer"

    by Alex Hepting
    Slowly UA renders all of the known and overused 3rd party mb solutions over board. When it comes to mixdown and transistions there has to be kind of smart and very similar way of introducing new and fresh sounds. With permute control and spectral snap (detecting the right cutoff frequency based on fundamentals) with a really first of its kind functionality got me covered and gives a tool for solid, cohesive drums and variation in frequency weighting if required. The possibility to modulate each band and pre and post chains, using more advanced analyzers for the modulation in that industry makes it an amazing tool for surprises. Having multiband control for effects on mixes makes totally sense in terms of not only reserving dynamic but also spectral headroom.