Customer Reviews

  • The master "sound-goodizer"

    by Alex Hepting
    Slowly UA renders all of the known and overused 3rd party mb solutions over board. When it comes to mixdown and transistions there has to be kind of smart and very similar way of introducing new and fresh sounds. With permute control and spectral snap (detecting the right cutoff frequency based on fundamentals) with a really first of its kind functionality got me covered and gives a tool for solid, cohesive drums and variation in frequency weighting if required. The possibility to modulate each band and pre and post chains, using more advanced analyzers for the modulation in that industry makes it an amazing tool for surprises. Having multiband control for effects on mixes makes totally sense in terms of not only reserving dynamic but also spectral headroom.
  • Unfiltered Audio, Cool !!!

    by inforlk
    TRIAD is the best multiband creative effect that can come into existence, its configuration and modulation capabilities makes it unique. Incorporates 40 FX included Granular. Fully recommended.
  • Such a beast

    by Tory Grey Music
    I originally fell in love with byome and was extremely impressed. When TRIAD came out it was an instant purchase! I decided to make an experiment and mix a whole song using only instances of TRIAD across all my traacks and I was pleasantly surprised that the mix came out really well!! On top of using at least 25 instances of TRIAD with all the internal functions going on within each instance, my CPU was only slightly taxed. It baffles me how such a beast plugin can run on so little resources. A MUST HAVE!!!!!!! Everything you need in one plugin!
  • Byome on steroids

    by Protoculture
    This really takes the already excellent Byome to new heights with the multi-band and parallel processing. Seriously, if you have budget for one plugin, this should be it. With a little work you can potentially cover all your bases from multi-band compression, stereo enhancing, multi-band distortion reverb, EQ... and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the insanity that ensues once you delve into the more creative modules like the granular effects and other more esoteric modules. Absolutely pick this one up.
  • Triad

    by Discarga
    Totally contemporary multieffect madness on the highest level, bleeding edge.
    Simply breathtaking!! Taking the BYOME craziness to even a higher level, Unfiltered Audio and PA are the best!