Industry Reviews

  • SVT-3PRO

    Eddie Torres

    International Award Winning Film Composer, Music Producer, Musician

    I’ve used the Ampeg on popular TV cues, I’ve used it on different music production genres. And I am blown away by its versatility and tone.

  • SVT-3PRO

    John Mattick

    Crew 22 Music / Olivia Newton-John, Aretha Franklin, Blake Shelton

    Rodney Lawson, Chris Carpenter and I at Crew 22 Recording in Nashville use the Ampeg SVT-3PRO and the Ampeg B-15 plugins with both real basses and virtual synth. basses to create a genuine live bass sound for our songs. It worked great right out of the can with Logic Audio!

  • SVT-3PRO

    Andreas Kober

    Musician, Bass player

    I love the punch and vibe of this plugin, it's super versatile! Brainworx definitely captured the tone perfectly.

  • SVT-3PRO

    Philipp Wilhelm

    Musician, Bass Player, Producing Student

    Ampeg’s are some of the most reliable and versatile amps on the market. No matter what kind of style or genre you are aiming for, an Ampeg is the perfect starting point!