Industry Reviews

  • SVT-VR

    Phil Soussan

    Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer

    As a user of Ampeg for over three decades I have never gone into the studio without one, be it an SVT Classic, an SVT-II or an SVT-3Pro until now. Today we have gotten to the point where it is now possible to rely on plug ins to get that perfect Ampeg sound. I have spent hours “A / B ing” changing mics, mic-pres and placements on my cabinets but in the time that it takes me to dial in the perfect studio sound I can get a sound that is already 90% there by simply pulling up the plug in. This has been a life changer when it comes to doing sessions or getting a recording down quickly for example, where the condition or gear of the recording environment may not be ideal or time may not allow?

    While I usually default to my Ampeg hardware in the studio, these plug ins now offer me another alternative - Convenience without Compromise!

  • SVT-VR

    Philipp Wilhelm

    Musician, Bass Player, Producing Student

    Ampeg’s are some of the most reliable and versatile amps on the market. No matter what kind of style or genre you are aiming for, an Ampeg is the perfect starting point!