Industry Reviews

  • bx_delay 2500

    Richard Chycki

    Mixer/Engineer (Rush, Dream Theater, Skillet, Aerosmith)

    bx_delay 2500 delay combines a pair of delay lines with myriad of delay mutators, including a unique transient shaper that makes rhythmic delays added to percussion really pop out of a mix. All done with Brainworx's ongoing unique approach to effects building.

  • bx_delay 2500

    Craig Bauer

    Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer/Record Producer (Hinge Studios)

    I've been waiting patiently for someone to finally release a plugin that incorporates just the right compliment of functions. With the bx_delay 2500 I can dial in the exact sound I'm hearing in my head very quickly.

  • bx_delay 2500

    Michele Iorfida

    Record Producer/Arranger/Songwriter/Engineer

    A deep and exhaustive plugin that thoroughly covers every minutia of a dream delay machine, creative and fun, highly recommended.

  • bx_delay 2500

    Charles Stella

    Composer/Producer/Engineer (MTV, 2K Games, Nora Jones, Jarobi/A Tribe Called Quest, Issa Rae)

    The new bx_delay 2500 is quickly becoming a go to for all my delay needs. It simply sounds fantastic and the great user interface allows me to easily dial in exactly what I’m looking for. The distortion, bit crush and transient shaping modes as well as the outstanding modulation system really take it to another level making it a mixing and sound design dream come true.