Customer Reviews

  • Bx Delay 2500

    by j tayo
    I have lots of Delay plugs ,But getting this on a promo at a great price I think i have just found my new Go to ,Thanks BX for yet another quality plugin.
  • bx_delay 2500

    by Bd lieutenant
    solid, quality & yes innovative bx delay.
    bx digital v3, bx room ms, bx delay 2500, solid platform, benchmark, many thanks dirk & team.
    I can always 'goto' bx quality products.
    innovation, please expand in version 2, this is mouthwatering, dreaming of a digital v3 equivalent. potential has got me very excited.
    what I mean is, you can 'slap on' many plugins, but I find with bx, you can craft!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • bx_delay 2500

    by Domenico
    As usual, the quality is immediately noticeable,the plugin is very flexible and differs accordingly from the other similar plugin. the fun factor invites you to create something creative with it.personally I can recommend the plugin with a good conscience ... thank you plugin alliance :-)
  • bx_delay 2500

    by Instamental Man
    A nice clean clear delay with a few twists. It can get that vintage dirty thing going if you play around with it. Its not a cpu hog and like all Brainwork stuff its top shelf. The 2500 is a good choice if your not looking for an insane mangle type delay. That would be the Unfiltered Audio stuff.
  • bx_delay 2500 creates a cloud of sound

    by Nick J. Ash
    It has a nice delay sound, playing around with the modulation and distortion. I use it lots, to create a "cloud" of sound that softens the edge on some repetitive percussion sounds simply by pushing the feedback up, increasing the stereo width in the M/S section. The mono maker knob is really useful. I could go on about the transient shaping, filters and auto-wah but it's best you demo the plugin to see how far it pushes your creativity. It has its own character, that's why it's in the mix along with the other great delay and reverb plugins.
  • 2500 delay

    by Zenpoolzone
    Very cool and sounding delay. The M/S is a fantastic tool that I use for all my production
  • My new delay for the Grandmother

    by manick
    I'm using the bx_delay 2500 mainly with my Moog Grandmother. The Grandmother sounds incredible on it's own, and the bx 2500 is easily setup to emphasize it, add some grit or go completely mad, e.g. with extensive use of Grandmother's spring reverb in combination with the bx 2500.
    Really nice, easy to use and complements the analog beauty very well, thanks BX and PA!
  • Good Delay

    by Natemasterflex
    It’s a solid delay that sounds good. Easy to use and never crashes or glitches out. Interface is easy and intuitive. The only complaint is that I wasn’t wowed by anything new or different sounding, but I guess it wasn’t really meant to be that sort of product. Great plugin from my favorite software developers!
  • BX Delay 2500

    by Beat Laden
    Good sound, lot of shaping capabilities, and easy to achieve what you want.
    Interface is well designed so you don't loose time understanding the plugin.
    For me it's the "go to" delay in any situation.
  • Bx_delay

    by Alex
    5 stars for sound quality and versatility. A bit more time is needed to fully grasp the unique functions like the enveloppe shaper of the delay. But when you get it it makes extremely nice sounds that resemble a reverse ramp delay when exagerated. I like it.