Customer Reviews

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    by Willem W
    For me this is the most satisfying delay plugin. Great sound and so many possibilities.
  • Really good delay

    by Txema
    Almost my reference delay for my tracks, super easy and great sounding delay

    by DJ JERO
  • Great product

    by MS
    Delays are a dime a dozen but this one does some things others don't do. And being Brainworx, it of course sounds fantastic. This makes for a very good "first choice" delay.
  • bx delay 2500

    Easy use best sound greatest.
  • BX_Delay 2500

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    Unique, innovative design and limitless possibilities.
    Too bad Brainworx forgot (?) to draft another great manual.
    And, when will they ever do decide to write one ?
    We, PA loyal customers are all waiting !
  • I love this delay!

    by Withajay
    When Brainworx makes a plugin, they don't just make the same kind of things that everyone else is making. There are so many options on this and the Bx RooMS plugin making them must-have plugins for the engineers.
    This is one of my main delay plugins. Fantastic!
  • Wow

    by TonVE
    A bit overwhelming at first sight which only takes 5 minutes before you know what it can do. I usually dislike delays because of their off behaviour.
    This will be my nr one delay plus for sure.
    The integrated distortion, mod and wah options and a lot more is really a new playground to explore.
    Love it!
  • Best Delay Ever!!

    by SM_2112
    It's a great tool for anybody's tool box
    this plugin is so helpful in so many ways just for being a just a delay!
  • Echo...? Sorted.

    by Ange
    Just take your time and learn how to use it ( took me some) and you'r echo or doubling etc are sorted... It works.