Industry Reviews

  • bx_rockergain100

    Mendel bij de Leij

    Composer, Musician, Mix & Mastering Engineer

    When I turned on bx_rockergain and strummed the first chord it instantly brought me back to 2015 when I worked with the real amp for 9 hrs straight. If this plugin can take me back to something I’ve felt and heard 5 years ago that can only mean one thing: You guys nailed it!

  • bx_rockergain100

    Sky Van Hoff

    Rammstein, Caliban, Emigrate

    The tonality and the amps vibe translates very well. It’s rad and scary at the same time!

  • bx_rockergain100

    Jay Ruston

    Anthrax, Stone Sour, Amon Amarth, Steel Panther

    This thing sounds GREAT. Especially on BASS. I really love the rhythm tones as well.

  • bx_rockergain100

    Erik Himel

    Powerman 5000, Mumiy Troll, Michael des Barres, Mark McGrath

    Another home run from the amazing team at Brainworx! I’ve used the amp that inspired this plugin many many times and the feeling and tone of the original is there. I used this to lay down what I thought would be scratch guitars for a few tracks but they ended up sounding so good that I kept them as finals! Great job guys!