Industry Reviews

  • Train II

    Andy Fuchs

    Founder & CEO of Fuchs Audio Technologies

    I didn’t believe a plugin could be this good. When Al Di Meola told me how amazed he was after playing it in Germany at your headquarters, I checked it out at NAMM and was knocked out! Awesome job by Dirk and the whole Brainworx crew. Honored to be a part of the family!

  • Train II

    Jake Cinninger

    Guitarist, Umphrey's McGee

    I’ve been working with the ODS and Train plugins. They are the only ones I use in digital domain. The back panel pass filter and fast action noise gate are super useful in high gain situations. When I have a killer drum sound to record over, I can really find those sweet spots with the Fuchs plugs and comb through a thousand options. Whoa that Fuchs mid-range is heavenly! I know Fuchs amps and Brainworx achieved a modeling masterpiece!

  • Train II

    Robert Venable

    Producer and Sound Engineer (Megadeth, Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson)

    After playing through the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 and the Fuchs Train II amp plugins for a few hours, and scrolling through the various presets, tweaking settings, messing around with the FX panel, I can honestly say that these are a couple of the coolest sounding amp sims I've messed with. Doing as much rock music as I do, these will quickly play a major role in upcoming productions. There's just something really cool about the tone they create: almost spongey, but still cutting and raw. I love how you can see the signal chain that was used while creating these plugins... they didn't cut any corners.

  • Train II

    Doug Doppler

    Guitar Teacher, Recording Artist, Session Player

    The Train II is pure adrenaline for the soul... nothing tame about this beast! With more than enough gain on tap to turn a Tele into a fire breathing beast (and I'm NOT kidding), this is a flavor that every serious rock player needs a serious taste of.