Industry Reviews

  • Rafa Sardina
    Rafa Sardina

    The hardware EQs are the most fantastic ever made, and I have to say the plugin is a very close representation of the original.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    I’m lucky enough to have used the valve powered monolith that was the original EQ this plugin is based on and not only has this captured it’s immensely solid and future retro sound but by copying the operational quirks it makes you think completely differently about your EQ moves. Highly recommend.

  • Ronan Chris Murphy
    Ronan Chris Murphy

    What impressed me most about the TE-100 is how aggressively I could push the EQ and radically sculpt sounds without the nasty artifacts that I hear in so many other digital EQs.

  • Thomas Gold
    Thomas Gold

    Wow, this thing sounds incredibly warm and fat! You can crank the levels and there is no bad sound at all!" It worked great for sound shaping in drum busses or even the master channel. This plugin is really fun and I love that you can cut and boost the lows and the highs both at the same time - kind of an UBER Pultec :) Absolutely loving this bad boy!

  • Simon Franglen
    Simon Franglen

    In my youth, if you were very very lucky, you could strap two of these across your master buss and smile as 4 billion valves did their work on bringing joy to your mix. The real thing is rarer than hen’s teeth nowadays, but the TE-100 in plugin form brings back that same smile.

  • Michael Zimmerling
    Michael Zimmerling

    Without a doubt, the K&H UE-100 is the best sounding EQ ever made in Germany. It is unrivalled in punch and sweet sounding high frequencies. I never thought that it’s possible to model this iconic EQ from the early 70’s with it’s 14 Tubes and 25kg of weight but Lindell Audio cracked Pandora's Box. If you’re after that vintage sound like me, then this is it!!

  • Ray Staff
    Ray Staff

    This was a unique equalizer. An EQ with great valve character.