Used by Grammy-Winner Rafa Sardina
The original KLEIN & HUMMEL UE-100® EQs contain 14 tubes and are extremely rare. They're also incredibly expensive; a stereo pair will cost you upwards of $10,000. Some people will pay anything to get their hands on the rich tones of the UE-100 and Rafa Sardina (Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, and Luis Miguel) is one of them. He's a producer/mixer with 12 Grammy wins and 35 nominations that owns 10 UE-100 hardware units! Lindell Audio has worked tirelessly to create the TE-100 plugin, which encapsulates the sound of this coveted EQ.

Add musical warmth to tracks
The UE-100 is an all-tube minimum phase EQ that uses six discrete filter modules to create a collection of band-pass filters that produce dynamic curves—suitable for source mixing, vocal tracking, and mastering. The hardware unit has become known for its musically warm curves and precise response, offering a myriad of boosting and/or cutting options across the frequency spectrum. Now you can use the TE-100 plugin to shape sounds “like a Pultec on steroids.”

Easy-to-use controls
Hone in on your sound with low- and high-pass filters at each end of the TE-100, then boost at one of four critical frequencies with rounded or high-Q shelf bands to add body and presence. Create dual parametric band-pass filters in the TE-100’s center section to quickly bring out the true character of your sounds. Pushbutton frequency selectors focus on each corner frequency of a filter, moving them closer or further apart while letting your ears guide the way.

A faithful emulation with extra features
Maintain full control across a variety of mixing situations by taking advantage of level calibration, internal oversampling, and an analog mode that adds additional coloration and noise extracted from the original hardware. Dial in precise gain adjustments in 0.5 dB steps, instead of the 2-3 dB resolution available through the knobs of the UE-100. With the Lindell Audio TE-100, the legacy of the original Universal Equalizer is now available within your DAW.

Legal Disclaimer: Klein & Hummel, K&H, and UE-100 are registered trademarks of Sennheiser, GMBH. The TE-100 was developed by Lindell Audio based on its own modeling techniques. Sennheiser has not endorsed nor sponsored the TE-100 in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


  • Faithful emulation of the all tube and transformer circuit from the Klein & Hummel UE-100 vintage equalizer of the 60's
  • Eight bands allow you to carve and customize the perfect response for critical frequencies in your mix
  • Warm tube saturation and musical bands from the classic German Rundfunk (Broadcasting) EQ
  • Create dynamic frequency response curves that simultaneously cut and boost – like a Pultec on steroids
  • One of the most sought after tube equalizers in the history of recording. The hardware contains no less than 14 tubes!

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Rafa Sardina

    Rafa Sardina

    Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, The Roots

    The hardware EQs are the most fantastic ever made, and I have to say the plugin is a very close representation of the original.

  • James Wiltshire

    James Wiltshire

    Producer (Freemasons, F9 Audio)

    I’m lucky enough to have used the valve powered monolith that was the original EQ this plugin is based on and not only has this captured it’s immensely solid and future retro sound but… Read More

  • Thomas Gold

    Thomas Gold

    Producer/DJ (Armada, Axtone, Protocol, Revealed)

    Wow, this thing sounds incredibly warm and fat! You can crank the levels and there is no bad sound at all!" It worked great for sound shaping in drum busses or even the master channel. This… Read More

  • Simon Franglen

    Simon Franglen

    Composer & Producer (Avatar, Titanic, Michael Jackson)

    In my youth, if you were very very lucky, you could strap two of these across your master buss and smile as 4 billion valves did their work on bringing joy to your mix. The real thing is… Read More

  • Michael Zimmerling

    Michael Zimmerling

    (Bloc Party, Simply Red, Will Young)

    Without a doubt, the K&H UE-100 is the best sounding EQ ever made in Germany. It is unrivalled in punch and sweet sounding high frequencies. I never thought that it’s possible to model… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • more than another EQ

    by Synthitize
    This "vintage" EQ is much more than another equalizer... It brings character and life to your sound (or mix). very surprising
  • TE-100

    by Barton Hartshorn
    This is one astounding EQ plug in. I could not get my mixes to sound as full with anything else I have (and I have a lot of high end UAD, Softube etc) What this thing does is a mystery but… Read More
  • Pure Gold

    by Aud10Keb
    I cannot believe how much I love this thing. I have been looking around for something to do this and nothing worked.. I tried different tubes vsts, all types of saturators, distortion, Chebyshev… Read More
  • EQ with character

    by rift81
    I am using it on master buss and for final touches on tracks. Great! This and Baxandall EQ is a must! :-)
  • Sleeping Giant

    by OutOfKey
    Man this thing is great! It just replaced my pultec eq on the mastering bus. Maybe not that many people use it because of its unusual frequency selection and interface. But once you know how to use… Read More


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 13 down to macOS 10.11
Windows 11 down to Windows 8

Intel or Apple Silicon architecture

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM




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Lindell TE-100 - Changelog

Version 1.1.3 (Mar 23, 2023)
- Apple Silicon Support for AAX

Version 1.1.2 (Mar 30, 2022)
- added Apple Silicon support for AU and VST2/3

Version 1.1.1 (May 13, 2020)
- fixed Delay compensation problem with bypass
- fixed Crash in Cubase 10.5
- fixed UI radio buttons flickering issue
- Toolbar In and Out parameters are now continuous
- Improved oversampling filters

Version 1.1 (Feb 17, 2017)
- Added in and out level controls
- Fixed oversampling sound variances

Version 1.0 (Aug 12, 2016)
- Release version