Customer Reviews

  • Sleeping Giant

    by OutOfKey
    Man this thing is great! It just replaced my pultec eq on the mastering bus. Maybe not that many people use it because of its unusual frequency selection and interface. But once you know how to use it... man this thing has a lot under its hood. On of my absolute favourite eq's hands down.
  • The best EQ ever made

    by KingSolomon
    This is hands down the best EQ ever made. You can use it on anything and it won't disappoint.
  • Real Character Machine!

    by dcbl Records
    The part not only looks weird, but is also quite special. The plugin is an emulation of the legendary Klein&Hummel UE-100 tube EQ from the 1960s, which weighs 25kg and Lindell is known for its very good ports of analog hardware.
    The TE-100 works exclusively with fixed frequencies, which can be selected via push buttons. On the left, the bass range can be processed separately, on the right the treble with the same parameters - everything in between takes place in the middle field, whereby frequencies definitely overlap here. The red buttons boost the respective frequency, the black ones cut it. Only one button can be pressed per "row". Via the controls the degree of amplification/cutting can be adjusted, as well as here and there the slope. With this concept it should be clear to everyone at this point that this EQ is not suitable for correcting recordings or mixes ... even if it was designed for that purpose a long time ago... No!
    Times have changed and so the TE-100 is now considered a real character machine and I'd like to describe it briefly, if that's possible: If we press the 60Hz button in the center field, for example, it thickens a standard drum very nicely on the bass drum - without that typical low-mud. To the left of this is actually the field for the bass frequencies, but here it's kind of over at 85Hz. The 85Hz does not make the drums fatter, but very pleasantly more present. The same applies to the treble department, which has absolutely no air quality, but makes hihats or vocals sound pleasantly clear without sawing off the top of the skull.
    Here you already notice that the strengths of the TE-100 are not in the correction, but in a strong character coloring of the signal, which also does not always work super precise due to the tube technology. The EQ is excellent for bringing certain areas more forward in the mix - it doesn't just sound louder, but very natural - as long as you don't overdo it. The only "negative" thing about it is that you can't work very target-oriented, but have to take your time for your mix. When listening through the individual fixed frequencies, there are quite surprising results.
    The EQ works fine on single channels and busses. Where you can bend and stretch, the TE-100 feels at home. In the master, you can definitely give a flat digital mix more "analog charm", because the TE-100 really has plenty of it. Beautiful part!
  • TE-100

    by BluelagoonStudios
    This type of plugin is the same as the ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3, when you put it on, without touching any knobs, you hear immediately what this plugin is about. Saturation, warmth and a fat sound. I wish I could work with the hardware in the past. But the plug is also good to me.
  • Great piece of code

    by Ricardo Wheelock
    I never used the hardware, but based on the software alone I can tell they did a great job, cause this thing rocks my world when it comes to EQing electric guitars.
    I am not saying it only works on electric guitars, but I own too many EQs and they all have their own places where I like to put them, but for Electric guitars in general I have not found anything that beats the TE-100. Kudos P.A.!
  • WOW

    by Dee
    This is like a secret weapon when you need you mixes to sound full. Does something to the lows that I could not replicate with other plugin. This has to be the best EQ I have seen and so far it seems to works great on every material.
  • lindell t 100

    by erv
    a fantastic sound, supersmooth, sounds like analog. the concept is great. good for channels and masterbus.
  • Lindell Audio TE-100

    by StratRat
    Ok, raise your hand if you have $10,000 to buy a pair of the hardware model these? How about another $1000 to have them each maintained periodically and kept in good working order?
    Great, now for the rest of us please just listen to the TE-100. Just having it on the track in default mode gives lift, weight, and vintage goodness. Easy to use and it sounds glorious.
    Match the TE-100 with most everything and it sounds better. Give it a listen.
  • Don't let it's looks fool you...

    by tripmusic
    This is a very unique and really fun EQ to use. It's not your typical approach to eq, but once you start playing around with it, you start to see what it can do. Works really well on kicks and bass. Gives you that low-end you can feel in your chest.
  • Sounds magical ...

    by Dangerous Orange
    There is something about this plugin that adds some magic to everything I've mastered recently. Love it!